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April 22, 2013

Anticipation Error

How important is the need to have all the knowledge and information required to carry out a particular task? Anticipations can go wrong due to lack of information and knowledge and it may cause an anticipation error. In real life, decisions are made on anticipated reasoning and the reasoning can be justified if there is enough relevant information available to back that reasoning. So, to avoid anticipation errors it is required that all information is available and it must be observed carefully before making any anticipations. In practical life, I will definitely access all the information relevant to decision and based on that information, I will anticipate the future circumstances and will make decisions accordingly.

Incorrect Mental Order

Studied a new concept today about incorrect mental order and there were quiet a many learning points in this session. What you think is appropriate or right for one scenario might not be appropriate for all and that is why having a generalized opinion is not good. Examples like tackling of a sports bike is not the same for the normal bike. Now this error helped me out in correcting this mistake that I used to do was dealing everyone in the same way and assuming that these general behaviors would be appreciated by everyone no matter to which culuture or class they belong. In future, being a manager of any company, understanding the employees and their mental order would define my behavior and attitude towards them.

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