October 25, 2012

Is trading gambling?

Writing about web page http://independentinvestor.info/PDF-Downloads/INVESTORS-INDIVIDUALS-10/doc.624-%20%20barber%20odean%202000%20Individual_Investor_Performance_Final.pdf

Following on the talk yesterday on trading. I am attatching this article which re-emphasizes the same point of view. This point of view is similar to the one held by behavorial finance experts. On the contrary to the irrational exuberance of traders there is some trading which is done based upon the fundamentals of the stocks but itis very minute compared to the total volume.


Writing about web page http://www.amazon.com/Followership-Followers-Creating-Changing-Leadership/dp/1422103684

In relation to the concept of Followership I talked about the other day. This is one of the books on this topic: How Followers are creating change and changing Leaders by Barbara Kellerman. It basically tells about the importance of the role of followers in the modern world scenario. There is also another famous book by the title" From Good to Great" which emphasizes the importance of followers in the modern day business.

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