March 22, 2006


Hello Gemma



January 30, 2006



See Claire, I told you I'd update! Okies so… its been like a million years since I actually first bloggededededed, but I am too lazy/terrified at the prospect of French dissertation to spend long typing.

Ok so lets start with the biggest news; ME AND CLAIRE TOTALLY DISCOVERED DUNC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!1!!!!!!ONE!!!!1!!!! They had been keeping him locked up in a small dungeon under the Psychology department nod nod so we took pictures of him which I shall use to create posters pleading for his release that Claire will hand out (dressed as a Ninja) Yes this may well be the most random blog ever written ever.. but it gets better.

So, theres this totally evil and scary Hermione cardboard cutout that someone in rootes has in their window. Me. Nelli and Claire (and probably the WHOLE OF ROOTES) are terrified of it. So we are going to make a FILM of it. Oh yes, involving cries of 'HERMIONE' and running through the Shanty town (Whitefields) it is truly oscar worthy. What else… hmmmmmmm… METHODS! Always worth a mention… so yes, a crazy lady told me she loved my pen and that I must be 'brave' to use it in the middle of a methods class… I'm not brave, I'm just RAAAAAANDOM!!! XP anyways, aforementioned Crazy lady told me and Clairebo that we were having far too much fun than a methods class warranted (we, after all, 'down't loyk maffs') so yes… anyway Claire then said she doesn't know whats going on… and Lady just kinda nods and wanders off… RUDENESS! :o heh. Anyways, I have a chocolate craving nows, TO TESCO! :D

November 15, 2005

1st entry!

Whee! Ok I got tagged by Claire so I has to update now! :)
Monday was a good day; finished methods class an hour early :) Reckon that we could have finished even earlier if me and Claire hadn't spent half the lesson giggling about random stuffers and dancing like Gackt! :P

Then we visited the shanty town that is whitefields and drooled over how cool it is! I sooooooooooo should have applied there… :( ahh well!

Then off to Xanananananananannaaaaaaaaaaaaaas with Issy and back to hers for YAOI FEST! Squee! Shes tres cool I must say, I had a cool time :)

Today was nicht so good; I woke up feeling like crap; my throat was sooooooooo painful. I could barely swallow, so my day consisted of sitting in bed drinking copious amounts of peppermint tea :( Buuuuuuuut I'm seeing some sort of film with Jon tonight so thats keeping me going :P squee!

OOOOOOOOH and Issy burnt me my very own copy of sensitive pornograph! LOL ahh she rocks.

Reckon I'm gunna go have a shower now to make myself look at least half decent for this evening! Then need my hair straightened. so CIAO CIAO! x

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