March 19, 2007

Traffic and Town Planning – A Bad Recipe?

So the end of term has finally arrived and now everyone is off on a good jolly over easter...

I travelled down to Bournemouth today to visit my girlfriend, only to get to the junction of the M27 with the M271 and hit unexpected traffic... Now you may be thinking, traffic not an unusual occurence in the south of england! Well this is what is amusing about it...

Turns out some idiots have implemented a new road layout along with new traffic signals, which leaves the bloody queues on the sliproad coming into the first lane of the motorway! Is this what you get taught on a BA in Town Planning, taught to royally cause queues and hold up peoples journeys with unrequired new road layouts as there is no other town planning to be done?!

Well as if that isn't bad enough, you think at 2pm on a monday, most people should be at work and therefore just because one lane is blocked you would think that the other two should still run smoothly? Well of course they bloody well don't! Why do 90% of the driving public deem it neccessary to slow down and look at a traffic jam?!

What can be deemed so so interesting about a traffic jam that warrants you to have to crawl past it at 30mph for no apparant reason?! Slowing down to have a good old look would enable you to see both the Chav in his Nova having a fag, and then getting in a rage cos he burned his brand new burberry cap from asda with it! Alternatively you could have a look at the prat of a BMW/Jag/Mercedes driver thinking he can bomb up the outside and cut in at the last moment, only to find that no one lets him in, and he ends up further back in the queue than he started!

Furthermore if the government wants everyone to be green and all that, surely preventing poor road layouts and therefore traffic jams in which emissions are high, would be a half decent option? Actually, leaving it as it was when there was no traffic was the best bloody idea, hence saving the environment, and taxpayers money at the same time... Now isn't that such a fantastic idea?!

So the moral of this small tale is this? Leave the town planning to people with some common sense!


Traffic Jam

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