March 25, 2007

Global Warming – pile o' s**te

Global Warming is what I believe to be, nothing but a major political spin tool used as an excuse for the government to raise taxes...

Green taxes are not going to stop people flying or driving, they will just pay it, in the same way people pay for petrol regardless if it is 99.9p or 81.9p...

In previous centuries the planet was hit by an asteroid wiping out the dinosaurs and causing climate change, a natural ice age developed and is predicted to happen again in some centuries time, and the planet warming up is just part of its natural cycle of change in the climate... Humans did not start an iceage centuries ago, so in a similar way, we are not causing global warming...

The earth has experienced natural global warming and cooling many times in the past. The recent Antarctic EPICA ice core spans 800,000 years, including eight glacial cycles with interglacial warming periods much hotter than current temperatures.

And I think this article sums it all up perfectly:

Further to the above, a Channel 4 documentary puts out a valid case for the above:
See what you think!

Of course this is an issue that will rage on, and everyone will eventually form their own opinions of this, but one thing is for sure... The government will milk it for all its worth! And... if it was such a big issue, why havn't they asked manufacturers of vehicles and aircraft to come up with much better, greener methods of transport long before now, and why aren't they pushing them to do so as we speak? I'm still sceptical of the whole issue, and will continue to be....


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    Apparently i am a supposedly intelligent person? That must make me thick? A structured argument does not include causing offence so I recall… I am only voicing my opinion, in the same way Max does in his reply. I believe Global Warming is cobblers, he believes otherwise… This debate will rage on and on and there will never be a perfect answer to it until either everybody realises that the government uses it as a political tool, or that in fact the world dies a slow death…

    25 Mar 2007, 17:34

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