March 17, 2007

Blogs eh?

Well hello all! Thought I would set up this rather random blogging thing for a few laughs and jokes and see how it goes! This is purely a test comment to see how it works...

By the way anyone else who is annoyed by cyclists who go through red lights and think they rule the road despite not paying road tax... Let me know!


p.s. i don't have a problem with cyclists who obey the rules of the road, keeping fit and being green etc.. good on you, keep it up! Its the ones who take the piss that annoy me!

Cyclist Red Light

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  1. Chris May

    I was with you until the ‘not paying road tax’, but most cyclists have a car as well, so they’re paying just as much road tax (and council tax, which is where most local road funding comes from), and causing a lot less wear and tear on the road. So they do own the road, at least as much as a car driver does.

    17 Mar 2007, 16:31

  2. fair point, however the main issue is that many cyclists do not follow the rules of the road… the amount of times i have been nearly mowed down by cyclists at crossings on campus when they refuse to stop when cars do… and the amount of times i have seen cyclists cycle through red lights at crossroads and nearly get mowed down by cars who have just passed through their green light is obscene… why should they just do what they like willy nilly and nearly cause accidents as a consequence?

    17 Mar 2007, 17:16

  3. Chris May

    cyclists at crossings on campus when they refuse to stop when cars do

    You mean they don’t stop when the lights are red? In which case, bad cyclist. Or do you mean ‘they don’t stop when the lights are green, but the traffic’s totally gridlocked so the cars aren’t moving?’ In which case, bad pedestrians – I’ve had to slam on the brakes before now to avoid some numpty wandering over the crossing between Rootes and Hurst, without looking, when the traffic lights are green but the cars are all stopped. Moral of the story being that there are idiots on bikes, idiots on foot, and idiots in cars; if you watch for long enough there seem to be about the same amount of each.

    Crossing a crossroads on red, on a bike, is just inexcusable though. For starters, if there is an accident, odds on it’s the cyclist that’s going to come off worst by a long way. I don’t see people doing that very often myself, but I’m reliably informed that it’s pretty common in the centre of Cov. Cars jumping the lights at Gibbet Hill crossroads are more of a problem for me (and others)

    17 Mar 2007, 20:18

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