May 28, 2007

Amusing Tales…

Well its been a rather long time since my last post, so I thought i'd better stick something up here!

Was trawling through the BBC News website and came across these 2 rather amusing articles...

I know the first one isnt very funny, and my condolences go out to the family and relatives, but its the circumstances that are.. well unusual shall we say!


p.s. lets hope Madeline McCann is found, our thoughts are with her family, and whichever bastard did this deserves to be mauled alive...

May 01, 2007

Incompetence In Car Parks…

Quick annoyance...

Why is it, despite many floors above being exceptionally empty in a car park, most idiotic drivers dive in the first space they see, and spend bloody ages trying to squeeze into it, when they could zoom up a floor and drive right into a space?

Is it because they cant be arsed to walk down one flight extra of stairs? Or because they think it will save them time?

It takes longer because they can't get in the sodding space in the first place... And if you can't walk down/up one more flight of stairs, well you should be shot...


April 17, 2007


So why is it, that all motorcyclists deem it necessary to break nearly every law of the road?

Just today I was out on a B road, behind 3-4 cars, when 2 motorbikes come up behind me. On a blind bend, double white lines, at nearly twice the speed limit, they flew past me, onto incoming traffic, narrowly avoiding a fatal accident.

Now why cant motorcyclists obey the laws of the road, not overtake on blind bends, not overtake on double white lines, and more importantly not break the speed limit! Having a motorbike does not mean you can break the law as far as I can recall?

Why cant motorcyclists see that not only will this awful display of riding end in their own death, it was also cause the death of others, or if not that, serious injury, or mental illness after witnessing such a horror accident.

At least they were wearing leathers, which is more than can be said for some...
The above article from the DfT shows under section 2: killed and serious injury rate for motorcyclists is 16 times that of car users...
Motorcyclists make up less than 1% of traffic yet are involved in 14% of deaths and serious injuries on Britain's roads...


p.s. how do most motorcyclists get away with it? both not being caught, and avoiding death?

Motorbike Crash

Bloody Guns!

So 33 students have been killed in a shooting in an american educational institute... again!

Doesn't this tell the USA that their arrogant, obsessive interest in guns has to end...

Even after this, one american suggested on the news that if the students had a gun on them they could have defended themselves! Does that really solve then problem? umm no?

There is no need for people to own a gun, end of.


April 10, 2007


Prisoners are moaning apparently that the planned digital switchover in a few years is going to happen, but they are only going to get 9 channels instead of 40...

9 channels! Thats 9 more than they should be given in my eyes. A prisoner more often than not so I believe, is there as they have committed a crime. Correct me if I am wrong?

So therefore why should they be given TV at all? A reward for good behaviour apparently...

Obviously there has to be some sort of scheme in place for Prisoners to have rewards etc... otherwise the whole system wouldn't work, Prisoners would rebel, and the system would collapse.

But I think now that its got to the stage that Prisoners are in fact moaning about what they get, shouldn't they just be grateful for what they are getting, cheeky sods.

They are criminals after all...


April 03, 2007


Apparently some beggars in Central London are taking up to £280 a day! The same money as a GP. The average for begging in London is around £55 a day, more than the average worker in the area takes home.

The problem with many beggars is that many are not actually completely poor, and beg to fund their ever spiralling drug habits, thus diverting money from real homeless into the pockets of drug dealers.

So why don't people give to homeless charities instead of funding this drug habit? Giving to charity will help get the money to the real homeless, those who need it.

I know many people feel guilty after walking past a beggar but please, if you do, give this money to homeless charities, not to the beggars, do not fund drug habits, help people in a better way.

Audrey Lewis, a councillor who is running a 'killing with kindness' campaign to divert money away from beggars, said: "This is not about discouraging people from helping others. It is about educating people so they can support charities that help the homeless rather than indirectly funding drug dealers."

So please please, think about where your money is going before you give to beggars, you may just be funding drugs...



March 25, 2007

Global Warming – pile o' s**te

Global Warming is what I believe to be, nothing but a major political spin tool used as an excuse for the government to raise taxes...

Green taxes are not going to stop people flying or driving, they will just pay it, in the same way people pay for petrol regardless if it is 99.9p or 81.9p...

In previous centuries the planet was hit by an asteroid wiping out the dinosaurs and causing climate change, a natural ice age developed and is predicted to happen again in some centuries time, and the planet warming up is just part of its natural cycle of change in the climate... Humans did not start an iceage centuries ago, so in a similar way, we are not causing global warming...

The earth has experienced natural global warming and cooling many times in the past. The recent Antarctic EPICA ice core spans 800,000 years, including eight glacial cycles with interglacial warming periods much hotter than current temperatures.

And I think this article sums it all up perfectly:

Further to the above, a Channel 4 documentary puts out a valid case for the above:
See what you think!

Of course this is an issue that will rage on, and everyone will eventually form their own opinions of this, but one thing is for sure... The government will milk it for all its worth! And... if it was such a big issue, why havn't they asked manufacturers of vehicles and aircraft to come up with much better, greener methods of transport long before now, and why aren't they pushing them to do so as we speak? I'm still sceptical of the whole issue, and will continue to be....


Girls Aloud Phone Number

Writing about web page

Scott Mills on Radio 1 recently gave out a number on his show telling listeners it was a member of Girls Aloud's, for the reason that he wanted to find out what idiots would call in and what amusing messages he would get!

Highlights of the show on

I can't help but piss my pants laughing at some of the clearly desperate individuals that call up! Soo funny! If you know anyone that would do this, let me know!


March 23, 2007

Inconsistent Speeds

Todays infuriation: Drivers who cant keep to a set speed limit...

Take my example:
40mph limit, car in front drives at 30mph rather annoyingly and for no apparent reason.
Limit changes to 30mph, driver then breaks this and drives at 35mph, therefore pulling away after infuriatingly keeping you at bay for a few miles.

I can't think of any explanation for this apart from pure incompetence? Anyone else agree? Or if you know why some drivers do this i'd be intrigued to hear an explanation!


March 19, 2007

Traffic and Town Planning – A Bad Recipe?

So the end of term has finally arrived and now everyone is off on a good jolly over easter...

I travelled down to Bournemouth today to visit my girlfriend, only to get to the junction of the M27 with the M271 and hit unexpected traffic... Now you may be thinking, traffic not an unusual occurence in the south of england! Well this is what is amusing about it...

Turns out some idiots have implemented a new road layout along with new traffic signals, which leaves the bloody queues on the sliproad coming into the first lane of the motorway! Is this what you get taught on a BA in Town Planning, taught to royally cause queues and hold up peoples journeys with unrequired new road layouts as there is no other town planning to be done?!

Well as if that isn't bad enough, you think at 2pm on a monday, most people should be at work and therefore just because one lane is blocked you would think that the other two should still run smoothly? Well of course they bloody well don't! Why do 90% of the driving public deem it neccessary to slow down and look at a traffic jam?!

What can be deemed so so interesting about a traffic jam that warrants you to have to crawl past it at 30mph for no apparant reason?! Slowing down to have a good old look would enable you to see both the Chav in his Nova having a fag, and then getting in a rage cos he burned his brand new burberry cap from asda with it! Alternatively you could have a look at the prat of a BMW/Jag/Mercedes driver thinking he can bomb up the outside and cut in at the last moment, only to find that no one lets him in, and he ends up further back in the queue than he started!

Furthermore if the government wants everyone to be green and all that, surely preventing poor road layouts and therefore traffic jams in which emissions are high, would be a half decent option? Actually, leaving it as it was when there was no traffic was the best bloody idea, hence saving the environment, and taxpayers money at the same time... Now isn't that such a fantastic idea?!

So the moral of this small tale is this? Leave the town planning to people with some common sense!


Traffic Jam

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