September 25, 2011

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

I am tired.

That second week that I was looking forward to has since elapsed and I am already beginning to feel the strain of a part time job on top of a post-graduate course. All of the concerns that I expressed within the first week have since vanished as parts of the course that were beforehand cryptic and hidden better than an ancient Egyptian tomb have since been made available via the wonderful world of the WIE. Subject studies and Professional studies are beginning to tie together and the content of which is making more and more sense with each passing lecture, even the EP base school placement orientation was enjoyable. Do the kids of today appreciate the MASSIVE funding that their school has, something makes me think 'no'.

My 'Brain Board' has been updated and my academic year has been fully planned, every assignment, every deadline is now visually represented in front of my computer desk, both short term and long term plans have been divided into manageable chunks, so dear PGCE... I am ready for you now... BRING IT!

September 17, 2011

Once more unto the breach, dear friends…

I am a mirror.

Reflective practice has been sucessfully indoctrinated into my discombobulated set of synapses where my brain once was. Week 1 has been an intense start to what I believe will be an intense course, the undergraduate days seem like a distant echo of a time when life was that little bit easier, where lecture attendence depended on the blood-alcohol ratio the following morning and on-time submission was the hardest part of passing an assignment.

Already, my self styled 'Brain Board' (essentially a white board that houses my thoughts) is full of long term plans such as the up and coming assignments, and short term plans being everything from 'Write a Blog' to 'ES Base Placement' or whatever the correct acronym jargon nonsense for that may be.

Upon reflection (sorry Tim), if I have taken away anything from this week, I think it is the need to be constantly prepared, accept the fact that even if you are incredibly organised it is highly likely you still know very little, and in conjunction to the aforementioned monologue, remember that the post graduate experience is entirely quid pro quo, in order to get something out of it you really do have to give it your absolute all, and upon later reflection I think I will hate myself for saying that... oh and learn to love acronyms because there are quite literally thousands of them.

The vague cognitive area between my ears is trying, hopefully it won't melt with the sheer volume of interlectual input, I am genuinly looking forward to week 2 and I can safely assume another delightfully reflective passage will follow, does anyone have any thoughts and feelings to any of the bases that I haven't covered?

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