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February 13, 2007

Hell Yes!

Follow-up to Dear Mr/Ms World from Something Random

As of the 5th of March Mia will be officially EMPLOYED.


E   M   P   L   O   Y   E   D   .

Parfait Amour celebrations will commence ahead of schedule, as will much bubble-bathage, pampering and singing musicals/radio karaoke out loud. Then after a while it will really sink in and I will have to have a little lie down I guess. Wow. Fucking hell. A Job. With many shiny pennies. and a health plan. Christ.

This is a big thing after all that being poor and tesco-value-ness.

I think I might have to have that lie down first... 


M xxx 

May 26, 2006

And another thing…

A huuuge thank you!

to everyone who has done my questionnaire so far, Who knows, I may pass my degree after all!

I'll think of a better way show my gratitude when I have more time, but for now I leave you with a list found scrawled on the reverse of my revision notes.

Exam Catchphrases:
Structural Molecular Biology / BioPhysical Chemistry...

  • …or how Mia learnt how to throw up her own spleen.
  • …verbal violation of the mind.
  • …almost as fun as rape.
  • …I came, I saw, I cried (my eyes out then wrote some bullshit about circular dichroism oh God I hope I at least scrape a pass).
  • …reinvigorating active acts of prayer in students victims since the 1960s.
  • …and its inextricable link to the rise in suicide rates.
  • …torture just got a whole degree smarter.
  • …maybe she was so prepared she got a full 8 hours sleep the night before… Or maybe it's maybelline.
  • …What were you thinking?

Hope you enjoyed them as much as they destroyed my mental ability. Good luck with exams everyone!

M xxx

April 28, 2006


Artwork from the Protein Targeting Exam.


Big red rockets.

I couldn't help myself, I just couldn't tear my eyes away. :|

M xxx

April 20, 2006

Back on the 26th.

Oh, y'know, "No real reason"...

April 16, 2006


Sunday roast

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this whole "revison" malarkey?

Yeah, well this was going to be a huge post on how much I hate the world right now and it's state of global retardation but it gradually dawned on me I was too disillusioned even to write coherent prose. So that bundle of fun will be arriving later.

M xxx


April 14, 2006

The fake sound of progress…

Revision Appraisal.

Several months, reams of paper, biros, cups of tea, handwritten booklets of notes, late nights re-reading, library books, summaries and slices of toast have been used up. And my development notes still appear to be written in Klingon. Aaaaaaarrrgh! :s

And there's less than a week left :(


March 18, 2006

Five and a bit weeks

The Blame

One reaches a certain point in a degree, the "point of no return", when realisation dawns that although this isn't the subject for you, you've just got to bloody well get on with it because if you don't it brings the failure and the pain and the red hot flailing whips of torment lashing across your SOUL and… Ok… maybe I'm getting a bit carried away.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the clever ones jump ship early in the first year and the rest just hope and pray they can swim. Bah… praying… what's God got to do with it anyway? what's with the praying eh? If I pass it was God; If I fail it was me?! No thank you very much. I know exactly whose head the dunce hat/laurels of victory will rest and as such, I will take the blame or glory myself.

Fair is fair tho, and I won't forget it. So when Jesus descends from the heavens veiled in almighty light, don't worry – I won't try to take any of the credit.

M xxx

February 05, 2006

Carbon dating proves nothing

As a scientist I am happy to uphold a well tested theory until such time arrives that proof arises to contradict it, and in doing so develop a more accurate theory. This does mean that every now and then I have to admit I was wrong and adjust my belief system to accommodate this new evidence. It was while researching for my current final year project on evolution that I stumbled across such a piece of mind blowing evidence that shattered a belief I had held for years.

I now maintain that clowns are not the scariest thing I have ever seen.

They are now a close second to creationist websites.

November 15, 2005

Sonic Hedgehog

ahahahahahahaha… I bet you thought this was going to be interesting.

Tough. It's not. Anyway heres a diagram of how the diffusable limb bud morphogen Sonic Hedgehog (Shh) interacts with other proteins in the Zone of Polarising Activity and Apical Ectodermal Ridge during the determination and development of the antero-posterior axis in vertebrate limbs.

You're welcome to use this diagram except that it's quite awful looking really so I wouldn't recommend it.

M xxx

November 10, 2005

Neural Induction; Reference list 2005

General references

Regional properties of the nervous system and planar induction

Molecules involved in induction of anterior nervous system

Mechanism by which activation molecules work

Candidate molecules for the posteriorising signal, transformation

Other candidate inducing molecules

Morpholino knock-down experiments


And, as is quickly becoming tradition, the obligatory cute kitten picture

M xxx

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