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June 29, 2006

Diary of a Graduand; Day 4.

Todays entry is postponed to another time as Mia is ill and feels like she is coughing up chunks of lung. Under these sniffly diseased circumstances Mia feels that to be verbally humourous would be nigh on unachievable and is thus restraining herself to tripping up and falling down the stairs in an amusing slapstick manner. Possibly landing in a large bucket of fish.

The management apologises for resorting to such awful filler material and hopes that IV lemsip will have your dancing monkey posting for you again as soon as possible.



June 28, 2006

Sleepless in Seattle Earlsdon

Such a charming film. But now I really want to see "an Affair To Remember"

But what I really wanted to say was


Hot damn it's good. There is nothing better than lasagne, still warm, eaten straight form the caserole dish. Ok maybe there is, but I'm single and these things need more than one person to really work. Quite popular at certain types of party but more than six people and things can get a little messy. Yep, fondue isn't made for one.

Aahh I love this film. And Baileys. Both are good.

"But when I saw you… I knew we'd go together like a wink and a smile."


M xxx

Diary of a Graduand; Day 3


Absolutely. F*cking. Gutted.

Proceeding to plan B, which involves icecream, flapjacks, a magnum of Asti, two hours and a nice hot bubblebath. In your face bitatches. Oh, and a shedload of public transport. Hrrumph…

June 27, 2006

Diary of a Graduand; Day 2

8:41 pm.
It's day two in the Big Brother Bother house. Mia is in the bedroom listening to playlists created by typing random crap into her WMP search bar ("bla": 72 hits, "jam": 72 hits). She is also drinking tea. She can't believe how bored she is or how much toast she has eaten. And so she enters the Blog Diary Room.

BB: Hello Mia. What's on your mind?
M: Boooooored! I'm so Bored! I have a fridge full of food I don't feel like eating and a kitchen full of alcohol that I can't touch because of my driving test tomorrow. AAaaaaaarrrggghh…


Actually the contents of the fridge are rather interesting. All the items present are in small amounts: 1 broccoli; 2 lettuces; 2 packets ham; 1 pack of yogurts; etcetera. It all looks normal except for one outstanding statistic. Why in gods green earth would we need 12 full packets of butter?! Honestly, why? The only other thing that comes close is the 7 pots of pesto still loitering around. It's a mystery.

But don't think I've just been counting butter all day long. Oh no, far from it. Driving, eating, CV–ing, sewing a gorgeous dress and so many other things besides. Yes I put mere mortals to shame. But just like mortals I have been unable to wish a television into existance. Not even the ceremonial sacrifice of an unblemished goat helped. And then a wheely bin fell on me. Admittedly it's been a mixed bag of achievements.

Dinner looks to be a more successful venture. I sacrificed a large frozen doughy cheese–topped disc in an oven–pyre and magically food appeared. Maybe the gods don't hate me after all…

M xxx


NB. Have identified strange fridge growth. Possibly hostile. Questioning viability of a tupperware rescue attempt. Strategic bleach bombing may be necessary.

June 26, 2006

Diary of a Graduand; Day 1.

"Graduand (n): one who has completed their course but not yet graduated."

Today marks the momentous event that is my first post in exactly a month, and one month has seen a lot of change. Exams and dissertations have been and gone, as have the celebrations that came in their wake. Results day brought smiles to the faces of most and yet left everyone thinking "what now?"

Now my housemates have gone and I am left in the far corner of an empty house trying to make the best of my last five days. This week seems to have swiftly become the most precious commodity I own yet without anyone around it is increasingly difficult to spend it wisely. I've got 120 hours to create a CV, apply for a jobs, and get one, pack, make ballgowns, start a business, clean the whole house and pass my driving test on wednesday (keep off the roads that afternoon). So what am I doing? I am eating luxury strawberry cheesecake from a mug with a soup spoon whilst cocooned in a fort made from two sofas and a mountain of cushions. This is my last week of student life and goddamnit I'm going to make the most of it! Plus I have no television so I have to get creative with my time wasting…

M xxx


Hmmm, it's just sunk in that in a few weeks time I will officially be "Mia Salome Brackenridge–Garcia BSc Hons". Fuck me. Now I will really never have enough room when filling in forms. :|

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