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May 26, 2006

And another thing…

A huuuge thank you!

to everyone who has done my questionnaire so far, Who knows, I may pass my degree after all!

I'll think of a better way show my gratitude when I have more time, but for now I leave you with a list found scrawled on the reverse of my revision notes.

Exam Catchphrases:
Structural Molecular Biology / BioPhysical Chemistry...

  • …or how Mia learnt how to throw up her own spleen.
  • …verbal violation of the mind.
  • …almost as fun as rape.
  • …I came, I saw, I cried (my eyes out then wrote some bullshit about circular dichroism oh God I hope I at least scrape a pass).
  • …reinvigorating active acts of prayer in students victims since the 1960s.
  • …and its inextricable link to the rise in suicide rates.
  • …torture just got a whole degree smarter.
  • …maybe she was so prepared she got a full 8 hours sleep the night before… Or maybe it's maybelline.
  • …What were you thinking?

Hope you enjoyed them as much as they destroyed my mental ability. Good luck with exams everyone!

M xxx

Housemates are great

…As soon as you earn their trust.

And trust me, tea and korma will seal the deal. Albeit in a rather runny coconuty way.

The New Housemate

in other news people are raping my artwork and posting it on facebook! Dude! not cool. Just, y'know, let me know sometime… Otherwise I have much less to brag about.

And I know I havn't posted lately. The sad truth is I lost my funny, it climbed out of the window while I was lying in a revision induced coma on the floor. And on top of that the bastard took my wallet… Still, with my funny gone there was no other option than to resort to my grump. Unfortunately m grump is rather scatterbrained and never finished anything. So here are tasty snippets of verbalised irritation you missed through lack of completion:

On intelligence...
Sometimes life feels so stagnant and insipid. It's hard to pinpoint the exact cause of this unease, this misericordia. That is until you realise that the world is retarded. That underlying unrest in your soul is probably thinly veiled despair. And as you watch it shifts and contorts into all manner of unspeakable abominations only just visible in the periphery of your vision. Surely the only reason for the daily ennui is a mere loss of stimulus? Elusive despite the constant unresting search.

Quite frankly humans piss me off right now and the whole complacent society that they have wrapped around themselves. It seems to leach even into your body numbing the senses. There's a distinct lack of intellectual turnover it would seem. As is often commented about money, sometimes you have to spend it to make more of it. And as with money, you havn't got all that long to do anything with it, 80 years if you're lucky and live carefully. nowadays it's commonplace to see people drop down dead at only 40–45. Most people reading this will be in their early 20s, essentially 50% gone already, and what have you achieved so far?

And this information turnover is echoed in generations. Society relies on the amassing of information and then its accurate conveying to the next generation, essentially the propagation of intellectual memes. And, as in the more conventional genetics, this must occur as a transfer from the 'parent' to the 'child', from the 'learned' to the 'nieve'. Each new generation is a fresh clean slate, ripe with the benefits that that brings, such as new ideas and enthusiasm. But all that is of little use if it has nowhere to start. We don't need people rediscovering the wheel or language, millions of generations have already perished to get us this far and it's such a waste not to build upon it.
On God...
As much as I would like to believe that God lives in a trailer somewhere, always burns the toast and is a bit "Who?! What?! Me?!", He isn't. If there is a God up there somewhere, he is most definitely beyond our comprehension at a seriously mind–melting extreme; on a scale with toothpicks at one end and God at the other (and IKEA instruction booklets somewhere in between). God's logic and reasoning is so far beyond our plane of understanding that to take in a fraction of it would reduce our brains to the consistency of rather runny brie that would promptly vacate the premises via our eye sockets. Or ears, or both, whatever, I'm just attempting to get a sense of scale and perspective here. Omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, infallible, existing before and beyond time itself. Think about it. Awesome and infinite. God is the ultimate mystery, the unknown. And yet, despite this you celebrated His birthday a few months ago in a rather mundane setting with your auntie Agatha and a turkey. Now that strikes me as rather strange, but I don't let it bother me because chances are it doesn't bother Him. God has better stuff to be doing than measure his life in mere years… right? I mean it's not that large a leap of thought to assume that He Who Created The Void And All Therein is not too concerned about whose turn it is to cook the stuffing right?

Right. Now that bundle of wonderful is going to have to keep you going for an entire week while I jet of to Milan to talk style with fashionistas (read: "Scotland for family stuff") And along the lines of fashion anyone who wants to hire one of my ballgowns should seriously get in contact sometime soon if they want to try them all and prance about in heels. It's what I make them for. :)

M xxx

May 21, 2006

In need of Procrastination?

Writing about web page

But don't want to feel bad for not revising?

Then help a poor (starving) student complete their final year project and fill in this questionnaire!
Not only is it a valid and completely selfless use of your time but it will consume up to 5 minutes – yes, 5 whole minutes – of your day that would have otherwise been spent worrying about exams, a highly stressful activity that can lead to a lowering of the immune system and thus a higher risk of illness.
So complete these questions and keep avian flu at bay!
Then bask in the warm glow of altruism and endorphins that follow, oh you beautiful people…

Just copy and paste your answers into this comment box with "Evolution" as the subject, and you'll get a thankful reply from me to confirm I received it. In addition to that I will dance for joy; You may not be able to see it but rest assured I will be uncontrollably ecstatic.

(deadline for responses is the 3rd of June)


In order to use the information you give me I require two specific things:

  • a valid name and contact email. They are to reassure my examiners that the results are not forged (In the event of a dispute you may be contacted, although this is highly unlikely). These details will be kept separate from the main body of the questionnaire so that all the data can be processed anonymously. Upon receiving your completed questionnaire I will send you an email to confirm this. You may withdraw your data at any time by replying to the email or contacting me at this address. Your details will not be passed on to anyone else.
  • Your consent. You must give me your consent to use the data you provide in my research. Please tick the box below to confirm this.

  1. Full name:
  2. Contact E–mail Address:
  3. [_] I understand that my details are neccessary to validate the information given in this questionnaire and I consent to this data being used anonymously.
  4. What is your age?
    [_] 15 or under
    [_] 16 to 20
    [_] 21 to 25
    [_] 26 to 35
    [_] 36 to 45
    [_] 46 to 55
    [_] 56 to 65
    [_] 65+
  5. What country do you live in? (e.g. UK):
  6. What is your level of education?
    [_] I have completed
    [_] I am completing
    [_] less than GCSE/O Level
    [_] GCSE/O Level
    [_] AS Level
    [_] A Level
    [_] International Baccalaureat
    [_] Bachelors Degree
    [_] Masters degree
    [_] PHD
    [_] Other HE (eg Vocational) please state:
    c) If a degree, then of which discipline?
    [_] Social Studies
    [_] Science
    [_] Art
    [_] Medicine
  7. What religious belief system do you most identify with?
    [_] Buddhism
    [_] Christianity
    [_] Hinduism
    [_] Islam
    [_] Judaism
    [_] I'm an Atheist
    [_] Other (see Q8)
  8. If you answered "Other" for Q7 please state your answer here:
  9. Would you consider yourself a practicing member of your religion? (Regular church attendance for example)
    [_] Yes
    [_] No
  10. In your opinion, which of the following best explains the variety of life on this planet
    [_] Creationism
    [_] Intelligent Design
    [_] Evolution
    [_] Other
    [_] No Opinion
  11. Do you believe that creationism or I.D. should be taught in schools as a science?
    [_] Yes, it should be taught equally with evolution.
    [_] It should be mentioned as an alternative.
    [_] No, religious beliefs have no place in science lessons.
    [_] Only if evolution is taught in Religious Education classes.
    [_] I have no opinion on the matter.
  12. More and more boards of education are deciding to incorporate some form of I.D. into the science curriculum, this is perfectly acceptable within curent UK legislation. Should things change?
    [_] It's fine as it is.
    [_] It should change to promote the incorporation of I.D.
    [_] It should change to prevent the incorporation of I.D.
    [_]I don't know.
  13. If you wish to leave any other information or feedback, you may enter it below before submitting your form:



prepares herself to dance...

M xxx

May 15, 2006

The foreseeable future

Writing about web page

The Crazy cat lady

Except I'm not too keen on cats :/

M xxx

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