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May 31, 2005

To the lads sitting by Rococo

…last night, issuing marks out of 10 to female passers by.

I just have a few points to make, so I won't keep you for long.

  1. Thanks for the 6 Mr. random-shmo-#1
  2. If you're going to go lower than 5 keep it to yourself
  3. And last but not least, 4 is reasonably accurate Mr. random-shmo-#2. That being the exact number of seconds you would have had to get your sorry ass out of the way of my swiftly advancing heel and a rather unexpected splenectomy. Hell hath no fury like a woman facing 9 exams in 5 days. Fortumately I had more important things to attend to but be careful, the next girl may not be so forgiving.

*rant over.

On a different note, Aaaa-aaa-aaa-aa-a-a-aaaarrrgh! shit shit shit shit impending doooom! spider senses tingling….

*prays for the swift arrival of 12 noon 11th June and the destruction of the world/initiation of the master plan/bathtub of vodka end of exams

M xxx

May 27, 2005


…Please stop it!

You are making my lovely chocolate meltify!

That is all.

M xxx

May 25, 2005

How do you…

…Deal with a phonecall from someone you just don't want to talk to?

here some of the excuses housemate #2 and I came up with in a few minutes:

  • "I'm sorry, I have to go. There's this houseplant that really needs watering you see."
  • "Do excuse me but I'm in the middle of a session of rampant sex"
  • "Excuse me but there appears to be a lion gnawing my leg"
  • "I'm ever so sorry but my spleen just imploded"
  • "Sorry, I have no ears, so I can't hear you…"
  • "I'm sorry but you're breaking up, my phone has trouble transmitting complete bullsh*t"
  • "Could you call back in a week, my ears are bleeding"
  • "I'm sorry, you're just a total slag from hell that deserves to die, and I haven't had my anti-total-slag-from-hell-that-deserves-to-die vaccination"
  • "I'm sorry, you appear to be speaking at a pitch that my ears can't pick up…"

or just say "F*CK OFF" and hang up. F*ck off is an excuse…

So. Any suggestions?

M xxx

Edit: Post-posting suggestions...

  • "What? I am not drunk... I am high on drugs. So if you'll please excuse me... teeheehee hehe hee heeeee......"


Mia f*cks up a 50:50 split.


Unfortunately this seems to be the trend with my decision making. If there are two choices I seem to keep on making the wrong one. I try to outwit myself by picking the option that I wasn't going to pick, but my brain must be one step ahead of me and using reverse psychology. Consequently Mia ends up making the wrong choice.

Yet again.


M xxx

May 21, 2005


Woo Greece win, Quelle surprise….

And on the subject of losers, anyone notice how the 4 main Western-european countries (Spain, UK, France, Germany) came last. Methinks they should stop ganging up on us!. No fair – teeny weeny countries and yet same amount of points. If the country splits, double the points, even better.


I'm such a sore loser. Still, It's worth watching for Wogan's commentary alone – "Ant & Shriek" Classic :)

M xxx

Was it just me or did anyone else want Moldova to win just for daring to enter with a Ska-like track, all the others just sounded the same

May 17, 2005

Celebrity blogs

Writing about web page

The Huffington Post is described by the BBC as:

a new website which takes the form of a "group blog": lots of writers in the same forum. But in this one, all the writers are fabulously, impossibly rich. Established by socialite Ariana Huffington, it's half news, half posts by celebrities including John Cusack, Diane Keaton and Ellen DeGeneres.

I've only just found out about this, and though I've not looked into it, it should make absorbong reading for those with the time to tear away from their revision.

This is part of a new feature being introduced into the online BBC Magazine, the "Weblog Watch", something that might be of interest to keep tabs on in the future, especially with warwick as one of the recently flourishing blogging communities. I guess it's a sign of how quickly the once rare 'blog' is now becoming mainstream. In the BBC's own words…

Many critics claim that blogs have nothing to say and are pure self-indulgence. This new column, Weblog Watch, will be keeping an eye on the blogs and seeing if the criticism is justified.

This is an accusation, maybe that's too strong a word, it's an opinion that has been formed towards the Warwick blogosphere in the past. I'll be awaiting their decision but I think they won't get a clear-cut answer anytime soon.

M xxx

May 16, 2005

My musical taste (or lack of)

Writing about Musical meme from Syncspeed

Total volume of music files on my computer
6276 songs; ~445 hrs; 27.3GB I guess it's a bit misleading because about 60% I've played only once or less. Still, was feeling quite proud about that until I saw Mat's sizeable hoard. Damn. pwned.

Ok. Well, my taste in music is dubious at best and downright awful at worst, as you will all soon see.
Please. Don't. Kill. Me.

The last CD I bought was
Ages ago. Either The Darkness or Yoshimi Battles the Pink robots by The Flaming Lips. I can't remember. The last tracks I downloaded however were Replica X – so that should get me some brownie points from some of you at least! And the last track I deleted was The Closest Thing To Crazy by Katie Melua. I rarely delete any music but it just had to go, purely in the interest of my own sanity and the long-term survival of those around me

Song playing right now
Thankfully, right this very second it's Natural Blues by Moby. The previous song was far too shameful by anyone's standards. Oooh and now it's Motorhead, Ace Of Spades. Duuuude!

Just out of interest the next random 15 tracks are by *drumroll* : Santana; Ash; Radiohead; Dandy Warhols; Britney; DJ Quicksilver (Planet Love); Stereophonics; LOTR OST; Jimmy Page; Shrek OST; Jools Holland; Darren Hayes; Beethoven; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Harry Connick Jr.

Oh God, I think I need therapy…

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me

  1. Put That Woman First - Jaheim worthy of inclusion for being (according to WMP, and by an impressive majority) the most played track in my collection although I no longer listen to it. It was the soundtrack to a rather painful failed romance, and though there are others, this one gets to me the most.
  2. Samba Pa Ti - Santana. saw him play live last year. Oh wow. Wow, wow, wow. Incredible doesn't even come close.
  3. Feeling Good - Muse. Does exactly what it says on the tin. When this came on the radio everybody in the room faced 3 minutes and 19 seconds of silence or death. Sounds like sex distilled into a song. Not buying the album was simply not an option.
  4. Don't speak - No Doubt. a song from some very early friendships that I still treasure today. Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers also falls into this category.
  5. Child In You - Feeder. relax, fall asleep, drift away to wherever it is you'd rather be. Three and a half minutes of "me" time free from revision, exams and stress. Lovely.

Heartbreak, Awe, Love, Friendship & Chillin'; all bases covered.
Wait, There's a kitten here too. Now all bases really are covered.

The five people I'm passing the baton onto
Ok concentrate now, because I'm thinking of 5 names right now in my head. Focus. C'mon think. Can you see it? You know who you are. Now, post it my pretties!

M xxx

May 13, 2005

Blog Social

Yes the hour of the Social is upon us again.

I will be the one sporting the rather fetching badge on the right here and trying to get the bar staff to serve me a decent cup of tea. So if you haven't read it on every other blog, here it is:

Blog Social
Friday 13th of May
7:30ish, The Bar

Go on, you deserve a break from revision before the exams begin.
It's only Friday the 13th.
What could possibly go wrong?


M xxx

It comes but once a year

Have a great day!

I hope this made you smile!
See you soon


Mia xxx

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