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March 18, 2006

Five and a bit weeks

The Blame

One reaches a certain point in a degree, the "point of no return", when realisation dawns that although this isn't the subject for you, you've just got to bloody well get on with it because if you don't it brings the failure and the pain and the red hot flailing whips of torment lashing across your SOUL and… Ok… maybe I'm getting a bit carried away.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the clever ones jump ship early in the first year and the rest just hope and pray they can swim. Bah… praying… what's God got to do with it anyway? what's with the praying eh? If I pass it was God; If I fail it was me?! No thank you very much. I know exactly whose head the dunce hat/laurels of victory will rest and as such, I will take the blame or glory myself.

Fair is fair tho, and I won't forget it. So when Jesus descends from the heavens veiled in almighty light, don't worry – I won't try to take any of the credit.

M xxx

March 11, 2006

Holidays… Feeling Bored?

Writing about web page

Then check out this magnificent website and give me your views in the guestbook section. Very very soon there will be lots of polls, questionaires and links to check out too – vital procrastination tools for the coming months I think you'll find. Also it has monkeys. At the moment. These may become giraffes or elephants depending on how restless I get.

Can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow for 5 weeks :| It's not sunk in yet. Everyone will be able to tell when it does tho, that'll be when I fall to the ground screaming "NOOOOOoooooo…" and curl up into the foetal position.

In other news the cooler was pleasantly charming today, whirling around to chop-suey does one the world of good. As well as volumising ones hair it would seem. However, whoever payed for Jerusalem in the marketplace should be shot. Or poked. With a rather large stick. Hallelujah was a work of genius tho :)

to bed now, as in 4 hours certain death comes… with big pointy teeth! *does the bunny hand gestures*

ttfn, M xxx

March 08, 2006


"Seeking The Answer."

(All activity suspended until further notice.)

March 05, 2006


Pretty yes? ^_^

flame ball

It is being sold on t-shirts online for many shiny pennies, but now I need to get lots more ideas! Being officially creative is more demanding on the old grey-matter than I thought :s

M xxx

March 02, 2006

Whatchamicallits and thingamidoodles

Nominal aphasia. Ah yes, this should make tomorrow's today's presentation nice and interesting… Guests are more than welcome but seeing as the subject is "Quality control in the bacterial periplasm" I think a slow and painful death is infinitely preferable. I'd go for it. Well, I would if i wasn't so sure that our head of studies had links to powerful friends in hell*... So, just for the moment, staying alive seems a more attractive option :s

M xxx

* Seriously, who keeps Hieronymus Bosch prints in their office as motivational images?! dude, it is seriously offputting.

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