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February 19, 2006

Chronologically retarded.

Today. The 19th. Not only the anniversary of the launch of Mir by the Soviet Union, but, more importantly Mia's launch of her blog. To commemorate this event Mia will be marauding around in a completely nonchalent and unexciting manner since she has a headache and her head in a bag (the two being completely unrelated). Therefore this blog birthday is postponed until such a time that it can be celebrated in a less sucky way and with a lot more alcohol. Should a blog social ever be arranged that Mia can actually attend, she might even be persuaded to provide birthday fairycakes.

On a more positive note at least I am bathed in the joy that only a new (chavtastic) handbag can provide. Ahhh :)

The Handbag of Glory

Such was the POWER of the Handbag of Glory that Ladies WEPT when they saw it and those who TOUCHED it went straight to HEAVEN.

M xxx


February 14, 2006

Delirious midnight snacking.

…and its effects on visiting siblings


Mia: Have a scone – you can grab some jam or something from the fridge

Lee: Wait, I'm thinking of a great concoction…


*falls about laughing*

Apparently my mind was thinking of a concoction of Telly Savalas
"Who loves ya baby!"

Mia: errr…

At this point he lapses into a "Black Books" dialogue, playing all the characters himself.

Lee: "Did you do belly savalas?"
"Erm yeah I think so"
\mimes pulling a lollypop out of his bellybutton
"Who loves ya baby!"
"Oh no… Please tell me you didn't do Co-bum-bo?!"
"No… I didn't have a cigar…"
*more uncontrolable laughter*


Roll up ladies and gentlemen, he's here all week!

"Yes, I'm a regular freakshow" – Lee, speaking of himself

M xxx

February 05, 2006

Carbon dating proves nothing

As a scientist I am happy to uphold a well tested theory until such time arrives that proof arises to contradict it, and in doing so develop a more accurate theory. This does mean that every now and then I have to admit I was wrong and adjust my belief system to accommodate this new evidence. It was while researching for my current final year project on evolution that I stumbled across such a piece of mind blowing evidence that shattered a belief I had held for years.

I now maintain that clowns are not the scariest thing I have ever seen.

They are now a close second to creationist websites.

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