June 15, 2005

Where is everybody?!


where where where?!

you're all having a party without me aren't you. That's the only conclusion. Shame on you all for being so cruel. 18/66 MSN contacts online and none of you can be bothered to communicate. "away" my ass.

I have sunshine, outrageous high-heels, wine, music and food What more could you want. tsk some people…

The end of exams is supposed to be exiting and fun. Instead I'm feeling almost bored to tears waiting for other people to finish too.

I've taped my revision notes together into a rather delightful cocktail dress; I've re-enacted starwars with a variety of vegetables; I've accidentally cooked my hash-browns and turkey escalope for 2 hours; I've made a cocoon out of my bedding; read a book; sunbathed; drank wine; listened to music; sung karaoke; tidied; organised my jewellery; showered, drawn up a huge sign to hang in my window calling my neighbours "wankers"; pranced around my room in pretty heels; sunbathed on a blanket in the garden; had more cups of tea than could be considered healthy; eaten tiramisu with a long spoon; blogged; changed clothes; three times; run up and down the stairs; experimented with primal scream therapy; the list is practically endless.

And now I am bored. BOOOOOOOOREEEEEDDD I tell you! Oh God. does this ennui know no ends!...


being asked out to the pub….

Damn you Dave for ruining the only decent piece of alcohol fueled self pity and grief I've ever had the enebriated pleasure to post. Well… actually no. Don't damn you. Thankyou :D yay! What an anticlimax to a rant eh? How cheated do you feel now for reading this drivel and then finding that nobody was killed in a fit of rage at the end. Really?! that cheated? Ok, ok. *kills passerby* there you go. What do you mean that's cruel? Who did I kill then? You see you don't even know them, so quit complaining. Now excuse me while I pull together an outfit to match these fabulous shoes…

M xxx

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  1. hello.

    15 Jun 2005, 15:13

  2. Your replies are so prompt they scare me.

    But thanks for being my friend :) even if you are a little scary...

    15 Jun 2005, 15:23

  3. i'm not scary :( I've just got nothing else to do except read blogs all day.

    I shall preempt Chris by saying: Piss off Chris.

    15 Jun 2005, 15:28

  4. andy is very scary and even more bored

    15 Jun 2005, 15:29

  5. Hahaha *preemptive laughing

    15 Jun 2005, 15:30

  6. Gareth

    You say you "pranced around [your] room in pretty heels". Did you only have heels on?

    15 Jun 2005, 15:33

  7. Now wouldn't you like to know… ;)
    Nah, it's ok, there were items of clothing involved.

    15 Jun 2005, 15:37

  8. But you know it's true Andy, at least you admit it though, so there's hope for you yet.

    15 Jun 2005, 15:38

  9. see comment #5

    15 Jun 2005, 15:42

  10. Gareth

    Well if it makes you feel better, there's no one talking to me on my MSN right now either :P

    15 Jun 2005, 17:03

  11. i win, there's people talking to me on mine.

    15 Jun 2005, 17:10

  12. Gareth

    There's someone talking to me on mine now :D She has boobies!

    (P.S. It's not Mia, incase anyone thought that)

    15 Jun 2005, 17:39

  13. loads of ladies with boobies talk to me everyday, so there!

    15 Jun 2005, 17:42

  14. I don't talk to people, they piss me off.

    15 Jun 2005, 19:03

  15. I don't talk to people, they piss me off.

    15 Jun 2005, 19:03

  16. I don't talk to people, they piss me off.

    15 Jun 2005, 19:03

  17. you fool.

    15 Jun 2005, 19:11

  18. Oh arse.

    15 Jun 2005, 21:33

  19. Gareth

    Well if you don't talk to people then hush :P

    16 Jun 2005, 09:34

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