May 12, 2005

The Something Random Guide to: Making A Vodka Infusion.

In this case a delicious Skittles Vodka

No doubt this can be attempted with other types of sweets but we find that the skittle-like variety work very well. Chocolate is a big no-no unless you want to drink something that looks not unlike sewage.

There are some that would claim that Tom and I make dirt.
These people are heathens and have never tried the delights that they are so quick to dismiss. When dealing with skittle vodka it is paramount to ignore these philestines who do not appreciate the fruits of your labour. And it's only because they never got to try any, the crybabies!


This makes quite a bit and is a decent amount for a houseparty.

  • 5 bottles Tesco's Pavlov Vodka (70cl £6.42)
    Oh dear God. This stuff lies on the boundary of low grade vodka/high grade solvent - and probably on the wrong side. I cannot emphasise enough how much this should not be ingested sans modification. However, when you've finished with it it will be lovely. Admittedly better vodka would probably taste a bit lovelier at the end but this stuff is pleasant enough. Go for the more expensive stuff if you decide it's not good enough at the end. We find that this works just fine.

  • 5 packets Fruits Skittles (180g £0.97)
    These are the big bags not the little ones. Make sure you get the fruits ones with 5 flavours rather than any other varieties

  • measuring jug

  • 1 empty bottle

  • Filter papers for coffee (at least 10 filters £?)

  • funnel


  1. First soak the bottles in hot water to remove the label, this will come off quite easily.
  2. Open the vodka bottles and pour off between 150–200ml of each one into the empty bottle using the measuring jug.
  3. Open the skittles and sort them into their respective colours.
  4. Put all of the red skittles into one bottle, repeat for the other colours into the other bottles. Having removed some of the vodka earlier, there should be ample room for the sweets. Sometimes there are lots more reds. Put spares to one side to eat later as spoils of war. You should have something that looks like this:
  5. Enjoy 5 days of shaking the bottles at regular intervals to ensure that the sweets dissolve. This can be made easier towards the end by standing the bottles in a sink-full of hot water. By this point the vodka will be looking cloudy and will have a thick layer of what we professionals like to call mingtm. This is simply the hydrogenated vegetable fat rising to the surface as the skittles dissolve, as the fat is insoluble in vodka.
  6. At the end of the 5 days (or thereabouts) it's time to set up the awesome filtration device to remove the mingtm. It's advisable to cover the worktop with newspaper and yourself with an apron as this stuff stains like you would not believe.
  7. Pour all the contents of one bottle into an empty container and thoroughly rinse until it is totally free of mingtm.
  8. Place one filter paper inside another and then in the funnel, and the funnel into the mouth of the (now clean) bottle.
  9. Slowly pour the contents back in via the funnel. Keeping an eye on the filtrate to make sure that the filters havn't let anything through. If they have then repeat the process because mingtm tastes as bad as it sounds.
  10. Repeat procedure for the other 4 flavours
  11. Voila finished!

For an extra classy look print off a label for each bottle and tape them on. You can use the spare vodka to top up the bottles until they're full. Or use it to make some lovely vodka jelly.

Enjoy! (My personal favourites are the yellow and red mmmmmmm).
Hopefully the rest of the photos will be added as and when I can be bothered.


EDIT: we've recently found that a single piece of kitchen towel lining a sieve works a hell of a lot better than a filter in a funnel.

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  1. I have been tellign people about this for YEARS….whenever i explain it…they just go "riiiight….." and I shut up and look stupid and go sit back in the corner again.

    Piece of warning….
    The partially dissolved skittles tend to be rock hard…and have been known to break teeth apart and cost £100+ to get fixed

    12 May 2005, 03:09

  2. Ah well, you'll just have to point them in this direction for enlightenment!
    Thanks for the warning tho, I havn't tried any partially dissolved ones, I had no idea :s

    12 May 2005, 03:20

  3. Thats ok…I feel i should warn people…it hurts like buggery and then you remove a lump of part chewed skittle and find bits of teeth in it…not nice….Coudlnt quite decide if the red was a bit of colouring or blood tho…

    I normally dont usually bother do seperate colours myself…just bung a few (large) packets into a litre bottle…comes out a dark red colour.

    Other failed drink attemps:

    Maltesers Vodka – just didnt work at all
    Jelly baby and jelly bean vodka, dont know why i thought that might work
    White kitkat vodka – again, a silly idea
    junior calpol vodka – now this actually is quite good…but perhaps a bit dangerous?

    I did once put a slice of pizza in a blender with vodka too…that was good…apart from the tuna

    12 May 2005, 03:24

  4. Tehe looks fantastic!

    I reckon it may taste a bit like a Juicy Joe, which is quite fruity:

    4x vodka shots
    1x blue aftershock
    1x orange bacardi breezer

    Comes out a beautiful vibrant green. Cost: around £10 (from Cholo, 2 years ago).

    12 May 2005, 09:17

  5. Tehe looks fantastic!

    I reckon it may taste a bit like a Juicy Joe, which is quite fruity:

    4x vodka shots
    1x blue aftershock
    1x orange bacardi breezer

    Comes out a beautiful vibrant green. Cost: around £10 (from Cholo, 2 years ago).

    12 May 2005, 09:17

  6. Mathew Mannion


    12 May 2005, 11:11

  7. We did consider putting them all in one bottle but then decided that 5 shades would allow for a rainbow challenge (5 different consecutive shots) and many different variations on that theme.

    Other types that work are Haribo tangfastic cherries and cola bottles (not cola lances). Also apparently using a good cocoa powder gives a nice chocolate flavour once the powder is filtered out (tho I've not tried it). Mixing the vodka with chopped up lemon rind is also lovely - especially if you like citrus. Hmmm I might try one of assorted citrus peels actually, now that's an idea….

    12 May 2005, 12:01

  8. Mike

    This is a great post… and I hope you don't think I'm being creepy, but I think "Mia Brackenridge" is an awesome name! :]

    12 May 2005, 12:21

  9. Lol, thanks Mike, tho I didn't really get to chose it :D
    (it rhymes more with "year" than "tyre", people always get it wrong!)

    12 May 2005, 12:55

  10. Mmmm, skittles vodka.

    12 May 2005, 15:06

  11. Wow, that's something for me to investigate after exams. Much more fun and productive than philosophy. Awesome!

    20 May 2005, 22:53

  12. Sid

    Fooking brilliant

    24 May 2005, 15:18

  13. wow

    you are a god

    08 Jul 2005, 03:11

  14. Hannah Revill

    I was invited to try skittle vodka around a campfire in Fraser Island, Australia. Half an hour later I was laying a pile of my own vomit around the back of my tent, being stalked by 4 hungry dingos. Dangerous stuff that. You forget it doesn't have a mixer as such (even though it tastes like it does).

    09 Sep 2005, 13:19

  15. Polly

    Hey heard about the skittle vodka was wondering how to do it properly! thanks!!!
    Ya should try a deasy disaster its taste's like sweeties!! You get 3 pint glasses with ice, 1bulmers pint bottle, 1smirnoff ice, 1orange bicardai brezzer and razza for the top as in rasberry drink mixture. you have to put the bulmers in first or it will taste disgusting, divide equally between the pints glasses then do the same with the smirnoff ice and orange bicardai, then top it off with the razza it is so so nice you spend about 15euro in a pub to get the three pints its so worth the taste though!!!!

    25 Sep 2005, 18:51

  16. willy wonka

    chocolate vodka is rather nice ooh and pear drop vodka. I made chocolate vodka using cocoa powder sugar and vodka and uht milk. Oh and I'm going to try the skittle one but I've heard don't mix the green ones in or it tastes yuck.

    11 Nov 2005, 20:00

  17. mele

    yo peeps any1 tryed the chili vodka, now that shit is mental! my eyes started to water! n u jus have to sit there n bear it till it stops burnin

    21 Nov 2005, 16:05

  18. Korshi

    wow… i thought i had invented this like a month ago and i go on google and skittle vodka gets 909 hits. putting all the different colours in at once makes it go sludge brown. tastes grrrreat, and nobody will steal it! my technique for getting rid of the ming is to pour the vodka you take out in the beginning back in slowly, so that the crap all floats to the top and spills out. then you wash the bottle. of course, there's still a bit of ming left, but it all adds character.

    09 Feb 2006, 11:17

  19. MART


    13 Feb 2006, 15:04

  20. bingles

    Pavlov isn't helped a great deal by skittles – you can still taste a hint of petrol.

    I suggest using Glens, it's not much more expensive and doesn't have that hint of turps that marks vodka as pavlov :p

    Although, I'm tempted to try Brita filtering the vodka first (see link for details).

    16 Feb 2006, 13:59

  21. Lilstrum

    To avoid the 5 days of shaking, simply shake first and then put it in a bucket of boiling water, turn occasionally and keep the water really hot and it'll be done in a couple of hours. Or simply put in a dishwasher.


    08 Mar 2006, 16:44

  22. Mark

    Wahey made a batch last week! tastes blurdy luuuush _ me and my mate got totally trolleyed on it, you realli do forget that its practically straight vodka. This unfortunatly dawned on my friend in a posh bar when he emptied him stomach all over the tables :)

    Would reccommend to anyone! and check the link in post 20, I wanna try that out soon, would save alot of money!

    ps Only needed to shake the vodka for 2 days, even without hot water.

    08 Mar 2006, 22:22

  23. Alo

    Hey guys im just trying this now for the first time for paddys day, its gonna be wild thanks to this baby. I just wacked in 2 packets into a a litre and have been mixin ever since. hehe

    14 Mar 2006, 14:29

  24. Wilson

    Forget skittles thats old news…millions are the new vodka flavourant. my favourite is bubblegum flavour or blue. creates a sweet, non sickly drink that can be drunk straight with very little effort. (millions are bought from newsagents btw)



    24 Mar 2006, 17:15

  25. Norby

    I've tasted skittles vodka before, and now i have no excuse not to make it for myself. Skittles are my all time favourite sweet, and drinking is my all time favourite hobby! Two loves combined is just … AMAZING!

    Norby x

    27 Mar 2006, 13:33

  26. Are people still commenting on this?

    wow….this thread was up when i was a young undergraduate…sigh..those were the days…sniff

    29 Mar 2006, 18:45

  27. Becker

    Yeah it still goes around on other forums :P

    04 Apr 2006, 11:12

  28. I thought that people would just stop but I'm beginning to think that this tread will outlive me! (or my sanity at least) Still, I'm impressed it's actually doing the rounds on the forums – I'm so proud! ^_^
    I guess I'll have to do a follow up or something soon, as it's almost this post's first birthday, and incorporate everyon's suggestions. In other news, any ideas what to do with 1.5 litres of 60% Absinthe? – apart from an IV drip of course. I've heard that setting it on fire with sugar is the way forward. Who knows… I'll post any "interesting" results. :)

    09 Apr 2006, 18:44

  29. Chris

    I think it's because it was linked by Wikipedia recently, until the entry was taken off for being non–encyclopaedic! Load of rubbish. Oh, and its the number one hit on Google, that probably helps =)

    05 May 2006, 19:50

  30. gaz@UEA

    It's good to see Warwick are advancing the welfare of mankind. Gonna try this after the exams, nice one guys!

    13 May 2006, 10:50

  31. Becky Wilson

    Absinthe – mix 2 shots of absinthe, 2 shots of lemon juice and 3 shots of water to make it louche. Drink very slowly. Repeat. Fall asleep.

    Plan to try the skittles experiment after I finish my exams – may start it going in time for the apres–exam party (consisting of about 3 of us. Everyone else will have gone home. Bloody stupid term dates :–( )

    28 May 2006, 17:51

  32. Becky Wilson

    Meant to ask – after you make this stuff, how long does it stay OK before it goes manky? (Stored in bottle with lid on, in fridge if required.) Something tells me if we try to drink all that in one go, we will die a painful death :(

    28 May 2006, 17:58

  33. f

    do aniseed balls work?

    06 Jul 2006, 22:38

  34. f (again)

    is there a wrong answer for the antispam?
    what the fuck is a kumquat

    06 Jul 2006, 22:43

  35. jamie

    what a great guide to making this!
    went out last night and got myself 6 bottles of vodka – made 1 of each skittles color and a fruit mix too – bring on the weekend :)

    18 Jul 2006, 11:48

  36. SXHALL

    If you can find an old style sweet with all the jars of sweets like when you were a kid (peeps in UK will think of the corner shop near their old school. Now near enough any of the sweets will work you can remember from those jars i.e. rhubarb and custard, cola cubes even sherbet pips. These do have to be done in the dishwasher to dissolve them properly though.

    My favourite is the jelly baby vodka and if you put it in the fridge it sets quickly due to the high gelatine content. Put into ice cube trays, great for parties, keep away from the kiddies though!

    Used to go to pub years ago and they did all manner of vodka varieties even managed mars bar and bounty! at one time.

    27 Jul 2006, 14:56

  37. Joe Hutley

    I recently tried a different method myself. I used a 35CL Vodka flask and 2 small packs of Skittles and threw them all in. Nearly a week later I used a seive to get rid of the majority of the wax/fat, then used a coffee maker thingy to deal with the rest! Haven't tried it yet (waiting for results day tomorrow ;D), but I will be trying this method at the weekend!

    16 Aug 2006, 08:58

  38. muel

    This looks good but you have to try MARS BAR Vodka.

    Just put about two fairly large mars bars into a 70cl vodka bottle (the exact ratio is up to you), then put the bottle in the dishwasher, the heat and vibrations melt the mars bars. It does look a bit like sewage but it tastes bloody marvalous. Also if your a pussy you can add milk to make a less harsh tipple.

    If you've got time put it in the freezer, but the best part of this recipe is that it can be prepared in two minutes and ready in an hour.

    23 Aug 2006, 17:14

  39. Jeffery

    I currently have a bottle of skittles vodka in the fridge. It’s been brewing for about 4 hours and the skittles have almost vanished already. Going to try the sieve for the ming as I’ve always just drank it in the past.

    I always put all the skittles in together, except for the PURPLE ones. It is the purple ones that turn it brown. If you don’t add them it comes out a orange/red colour. Looks great and tastes great.

    I was once at a party where a girl had made After Eight vodka by melting a box of after eights and pouring it into the vodka, tasted really good

    30 Aug 2006, 19:36

  40. maggot

    where’s my apron?

    anyone know what skittles vodka is like mixed with red bull? (because i’m too much of a pussy to drink anything straight…even my milk is semi skimmed)

    and why won’t it let me put ‘chicken’ as the anti spam answer…? everyone knows oranges are chicken coloured.

    03 Sep 2006, 23:20

  41. Suz

    quick question…
    instead of sieving the ming would it be possible to use one of those great sucker syringe thingos? and kindof syphon (sorry cant spell) it off? any answers?

    10 Sep 2006, 03:16

  42. Right, answers one at time where I can!
    • I misplaced my absinthe but testing should resume as soon as it is located!
    • Correct, ingesting it all at once would not be pretty but considering the volume of alcohol and sugar in it, it should be able to preserve itself perfectly in a fridge or maybe even a cool cupboard out of direct sunlight.
    • Maybe aniseed balls work, I have no idea.
    • A kumquat looks like a teeny tiny grape shaped orange and is, coincidentally, the same colour.
    • Because it tastes fruity it would probably be quite palatable with red bull
    • The liquid can be siphoned off using a turkey baster if you are careful not to disturb the ming, and in fact should result in a higher yield as not as much of the vodka would be spilled or left in the filter.

    All that remains to be said, ladies and gentlemen, is drink responsibly and do not be tempted to peddle liqueur to kids – even if it is made of sweeties. Enjoy!

    11 Sep 2006, 22:19

  43. Charlie

    A freak accident:

    Warning – don’t try to hurry up this process too much. I just got back from cleaning up a big mess in the kitchen…broken glass, hot sticky vodka, ug!

    I thought that placing the bottles in a pot of hot water would speed things up a bit – something along the lines of boiling glass jars for canning. After the water got hot (read almost boiling) I shut the heat off on the stove. About 30 seconds later, bang! The first bottle exploded shooting glass all around…10 seconds later a second one blew. I decided that the hot water was bad, and pulled out the three remaining bottles. A few minutes later, whilist cleaning up the mess from the first two bottles a third one went pop, making a much bigger mess for not being in the pot. Now, an hour later I have 2 survivors. I’m sitting in the other room crossing my figers!

    Apparently a glass pint of Popov is not up to the standards of glass Masons jars… :(

    17 Sep 2006, 04:40

  44. Dawn

    I do this with Somerfields Konstantin vodka, which isn’t too rough (much better than Glens) but is still cheap enough. I’m loving the sound of After Eight vodka – would Nutella work?? Hmm….

    My Skittle vodka currently has a lovely thick layer of ming, and I’m gonna keep adding more sweets till it won’t take any more – its now up to two large bags in 70cl of vodka – yum!

    16 Oct 2006, 23:13

  45. I can’t believe that after three years as a biochemistry student my only worldly claim to fame is the promotion of sweetie based vodka. Actually I can believe it, somehow it makes perfect tragic sense… :|

    17 Oct 2006, 16:18

  46. martin westcott

    Just made my skittles vodka and also trying the roobarb and custard variety. I have 2 children, so probably best to keep these drinks on a high shelf after making them! I’m currently also making sloe gin. Takes 3 months to make, but is amazing when you come to drink it at Christmas!

    23 Oct 2006, 22:53

  47. Goin B Sick

    I am half way through the process now and the skittles are almost completely disolved. God dam it smells good, especially the purple one. I am making a photo guide to how i done it and how i get on to put on my website. If all goes well i will try the millions, pear drops, cola bottles and cherry tangtastics. Good luck all and drink responsibly!

    08 Feb 2007, 22:05

  48. sean

    i just made mine gna drink 2mz its sorta a light red colour, i only put in one big bag into a 70cl bottle you reckon it’ll still taste good?

    13 Feb 2007, 18:23

  49. One big bag in a 70cl bottle will probably end up a brownish colour (unless you pick out the green ones) and although I’ve not tried it, I am assured by others that it tastes lovely.

    14 Feb 2007, 14:12

  50. hannah and emma

    we just made our friend skittles vodka for her birthday. we tried it before, but it went badly wrong. ewww! it was minging. we didnt leave it long enough and we couldnt get rid of the fatty ming layer just tasted like drinking nail polish remover…hopefully its gonna go right this time! this time we took out the purple (and ate them mmmm!) but left in the green, its gone a light reddy colour – looks yummy!...but memories of the old one make us feel sick
    hannah and emmy xx

    15 Feb 2007, 19:44

  51. Prince Ali

    I’m reading these comments thinking to myself that the best occupation… no matter what anyone says, ever, is a Student! In any other occupation, well, almost, you would be shunned and look down on for intently inducing some kind of very strong sweet filled spirit in mass quantities…

    I’m currently making this ludicrous concoction for my older bro who, like me is also a student. I have used the Red, Orange and Purple skittles from two large 180g packs!! i ate the rest in one late nite sesh and couldn’t type properly for about 4 hours.

    I’ll let you know how it all goes… its currently chiling in the freezer… but not freezing! ahhhh the wonders of chemistry….

    15 Feb 2007, 22:54

  52. gilla monster

    yah i just made skitle vodka today, but i have a few questions

    1. do i take the ming out after the 5 days of shaking?
    2. can i make this stuff and like save it for another time or do i have to drink it when its done?
    3. how do i remove all the ming without wasting any vodka?
    4. and when its done do i have to keep the skittles in there or take them out?

    20 Feb 2007, 05:21

  53. a few answers:

    1. You can take the ming out as soon as the skittles have totally disappeared.
    2. Because it’s essentially neat vodka and sugar it should last for ages. You don’t need to refrigerate it but keep it somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight.
    3. This is the tricky one. There is always some wastage and it’s very difficult to minimise. Ideally one would be able to use a separating funnel but as these are not readily available outside of laboratories you’ll just have to rely on your own ingenuity!
    4. When it’s completely done there should be no skittles left in there to take out! Be warned though, if there are any left they are likely to be rock hard and it is possible to break your teeth on them (see comment 3) so be careful!!!

    21 Feb 2007, 00:01

  54. gilla monster

    thanks ur right the skittles did dissapear and im gona take the ming out tommorrow. btw does the smell of vodka go away? oh and i heard a rumor from a freind that this stuff doesn’t taste like vodka but like the fruit of the skittle, but it has the same proff as the alchol? thanks for the help

    21 Feb 2007, 18:16

  55. FlameGurl

    The finished product of course is just flavored vodka and will be potent stuff! Be careful!

    Thanks for this post, my friend and I now have some lovely ideas about flavoring our vodka!

    This site is still linked to the great & powerful Wiki which is how I got here! (see the bottom of this page: )

    03 Mar 2007, 06:41

  56. killer86

    Just about to make this, but got a question – when adding all skittles, it turns brown – some say remove green, others say remove purple…what is best?

    25 Mar 2007, 16:29

  57. gilla monster

    um yah i made this stuff a few times and each time its been better then the last. but a friend told me that he uses a shirt for the filtration. he said he spans the skirt so its tight over the bottle and pour it all through without getting any ming in it. can anyone confirm this procedure. oh yah and there is wild berry skittles too with like a blue and pink skitttle also.

    29 Mar 2007, 21:59

  58. tom_jj

    Cant seem to get rid of the ming!!! The small amount i have tasted without ming is superb however! Any tips for other processes of ming removal??

    01 Apr 2007, 14:13

  59. gilla monster

    hey dude i just use a simple funnel with a coffee filter in it and pour it all in. oh yah make sure ur bottle is really clean cus mine still had ming in em. but heres my question when u guys makes this stuff is the after product after the ming is gone clear or cloudy cus mines cloudy can anyone give me an answer?

    03 Apr 2007, 18:08

  60. Tank

    Well i made this the other day… i only had to leave mine for a day, but i did split the whole bottle into 3. but wow! its so nice!

    and i must thank your blog, it was very imformative and helpful!

    and i used one layer of paper (kitchen?) towel and it filtered well. i did it twice just in case. the uhh. ‘ming’ is quite gross, i must admit!

    (linky to pics : .. this is just after i shook them for the first time. ps. dont ask about the jar. i was running out of bottles ._.’ )



    12 Apr 2007, 15:36

  61. laura

    ok having not tired this yet I dont know. But if Im right in thinking the ming is on the top this may help….

    you can get gravy jugs which allow u to get rid of fat off the top. May be useful in removign the ming.

    Im trying it for my best mates birthday

    heres hoping it works


    22 Apr 2007, 16:22

  62. Lilja

    Hey!! This is an awsome idea!! Weird it´s not sold…whoever would will make a fortune!!

    22 Apr 2007, 19:51

  63. Josh

    i made this up. my idea is better tho. mix the vodka with lemonade. dont put the skittles in tho! it fizzes like fuck!

    22 Apr 2007, 22:04

  64. Adam

    Ok wow this sounds delicious. Im about to head out and buy some skittles. Does the dishwasher idea work or should i just wait the 5 days.

    24 Apr 2007, 16:54

  65. Mike

    These look amazing … I can personally vouch for fox’s glacier mints, served as cold as your freezer will go!

    24 Apr 2007, 19:50

  66. chaaarlie

    me and my housemates tried this at our house party last christmas. all 5 bottles were gone pretty damn quick. but be wary of those who don’t usually drink as much as everyone else (cos you cant taste the alcohol content so its easy to drink)... they’ll be all at sixes and sevens before they know it.

    NESQUICK and powdered milk (i’ve heard that SMA/baby-milk is good) are an interesting combination – the UHT milk has less crap in it so the ming doesn’t get so thick and gloopy that one can’t filter it out. you prepare it in the same way as the original recipe, but i dont know how much to put in. but if it works, its beautiful. it tastes very similar to ‘Mudslides’- they used to sell them in sainsburys, but they were only 4-5% ABV. speaking of sainsbury’s, their Basics ‘Vodka’ is adequate for skittle modification.

    and dont forget the essentials : £6.99 for a bag of speed-pourers. winner.

    24 Apr 2007, 23:27

  67. Ian

    How about Parma Violets? I’d love to try that, i’d be the best thing ever if that worked!

    25 Apr 2007, 01:17

  68. Weetzie Bat

    This. Is. So. Cool.

    i can’t wait to tell my friend; we love Vodkas. i don’t think she’ll want to do this because of the time, but this is really great.

    26 Apr 2007, 03:47

  69. Andi

    sounds like a good idea to try, although quite like something I did when I was younger. Not sure if anyone here has heard of Zima, but its a somewhat funky tasting malt drink (almost like Smirnoff Ice, but without the lemonade taste XD). Well, to kill the taste, my friends and I would put Jolly Rancher candies in the bottle, gave them a nice flavor. I would think they would work well in this recipe in place of the skittles, and I’m sure they would prolly dissolve better, as they are pretty much pure sugar and flavorings. Either way, I think I’m gonna have to pick up a few bags of skittles and give this a try XD

    26 Apr 2007, 16:53

  70. chris

    yea great! we can’t cure cancer but we sure know to take really cheap voka and make it taste good.


    27 Apr 2007, 03:32

  71. shell

    I started my vodkas last night and put them in the dishwasher today, it worked great, so I’m going to strain all the crappy ming out tonight and taste test.

    28 Apr 2007, 21:39

  72. Ross

    wow this is awsome i cant wait to make some. i cant beleive i stumbled onto this whilst trying to do coursework. do any of the colours taste better than others or is a mix the best way to go?

    02 May 2007, 23:22

  73. James

    Wow, 2yrs have passed since this thread was made.
    I also stumbled accross this thread after searching for a picture of the 45% smirnoff bottle, blue stuff :)

    cant wait to waste the 3/4 bottle of that i have on this stuff :D

    04 May 2007, 00:35

  74. CLARE

    Hi, try parma violets, pear drops, sherbert lemons, Tobelerone, Mint aero, Mars bar, Cola bottles, black jacks .. fruit salad. All yummy and I have made them all … highly recommended !!

    19 May 2007, 12:13

  75. dano123

    skittle vodka is damn good but the best thing to do with the skittle vodka is drop a shot of it into a red bull it is ‘bleedin delish’ do it like a jager bomb try it i guarinte you will not be dissapointed

    20 May 2007, 19:45

  76. Sarah

    me and my flat mates just made some skittle vodka and we developed a good way of filtering the ming out. basically we cut a 2 litre fizzy drink bottle in half and attacked some cotton material over the pouring bit with an elastic band then just pour the vodka into the open end and it filters through the cotton. we filtered it into a jug which made for easy pouring back into the bottle. it was quite a nifty system that worked for us anyway

    07 Jun 2007, 12:18

  77. JEN

    this fuckin rocks!
    im in Soho, New York right now, and i cant believe i found this thread from like forever ago…i have read every single entry mostly because i like to read your english accents. “its brilliant” im so proud of Mia Brackenridge. im going to make my yummy vodka tomorrow!!!

    08 Jun 2007, 21:00

  78. phil

    this looks quality, im always buying shots in revolution wondering where to get it from. Now i can make it myself! I doff my hat to you Mia!

    10 Jun 2007, 15:56

  79. jonas

    what is skittles? i come from Romania

    16 Jun 2007, 16:34

  80. Joe

    So, how does it feel to have created a webpage which has quickly become the number one ‘Skittle Vodka’ resource on the internet?

    by the way, I have my own bottles of vodka skittles brewing as we speak. 2 red bottles, 1 green. Hopefully they should be done in time for Glastonbury Festival :D

    17 Jun 2007, 00:58

  81. kerry

    i can’t believe the hype this has caused just reading some of the comments! a friend mentioned she had made some over new year and i have a house party to go to at the weekend, so i thought why not?? in the middle of making it at the mo and cant wait to taste it, done 3 colours red yellow and orange! we should have a god damn convention, all get together,swap recipes then get wankered on our skittle vodka!!! we could be the “SVI” {skittle vodka institute} will let you know how it went down any way, have fun, Kerry.

    21 Jun 2007, 20:17

  82. kerry

    i can’t believe the hype this has caused just reading some of the comments! a friend mentioned she had made some over new year and i have a house party to go to at the weekend, so i thought why not?? in the middle of making it at the mo and cant wait to taste it, done 3 colours red yellow and orange! we should have a god damn convention, all get together,swap recipes then get wankered on our skittle vodka!!! we could be the “SVI” {skittle vodka institute} will let you know how it went down any way, have fun, Kerry.

    21 Jun 2007, 20:19

  83. alco pop

    ive had the recipe for yrs but never seperated b4 good idea and if you do put them together i advise not to put the green ones in they make it taste nasty

    27 Jun 2007, 11:41

  84. benny the belfast boozer

    Just started me first brew, it seams to be going grand,

    A handy filtration tip if you can’t be arsed to shell out for coffee filters, use tea bags.
    Simply snip in half, ( empty of course, unless you like tea infused skittle vodka! ) and wrap around the top of the ‘ming bottle’ ( I used a plastic river rock bottle for the brew ) give it a squeeze, and bobs yer uncle.

    Filtered nectar.

    29 Jun 2007, 01:21

  85. aldo

    I’m not sure why all the talk of 5 days in the guides for the skittles vodka. After 24 hours in the fridge the skittles have completely disolved and you’re good to go!

    I’ve tried various combinations over the years and would say it’s pretty definitive that:

    a) you remove the green skittles only
    b) one normal sized pack of skittles will give a bottle of vodka the perfect taste without any real amount of gunk
    c) diet coke is an amazing mixer with this!

    06 Jul 2007, 16:23

  86. Peter

    I find that mixing with sprite produces an amazing drink!

    14 Jul 2007, 21:02

  87. Tobias

    Why seperate the skittles. i do this but with-out seperating them and keeping the green ones in. just as good if not better as you can really taste the full rainbow all at once :P

    16 Jul 2007, 16:23

  88. vicki

    cant wait to try this one out :D thanks for the teabag tip! great thought for skint students like me :D

    17 Jul 2007, 16:01

  89. Lisa!

    Can anyone tell me how to “soak” a cake in vodka? How much vodka is used? What kind of cake is best? How long does it soak? OR is there a better alternative to this such as a cake made with vodka? My best friend’s birthday is coming and he loves vodka!!!!

    20 Jul 2007, 06:32

  90. Becci

    How long after you made this can you keep it? I mean you can keep an open bottle of vodka for years.. but does adding skittles make it go off after a while?

    22 Jul 2007, 17:53

  91. Chunk_meister

    I’m making some this weekend, can’t believe that i found this whilst sitting bored at work…. Going to buy some skittles on the way home from work later. I have a feeling our night out next week is going to get very messy!

    26 Jul 2007, 20:42

  92. Trin

    Me and a friend made this on the weekend just passed and drank it lastnight. Used 2 bags of skittles with roughly 1 litre of Smirnoff, which I fear may not have been quite enough. Maybe just one bag next time.

    Anyhoo, it was fantastic! Because of the sweet, fruity smell I thought I could just knock it down fast, whoops! Right after production I lined up a shot of each flavor and took them in sequence, 15mins later I could barely stand up. =D

    My favorites were the orange, yellow, green and purple (in order of preference). Adding the red to any concoction seemed to give it a medicine-y taste that we didn’t fully appreciate.

    02 Aug 2007, 02:49

  93. Number 93

    Wow ….............. I’m the 93rd person to comment!!

    14 Aug 2007, 21:48

  94. Number 93

    Ha …............. and the 94th!!

    14 Aug 2007, 21:49

  95. biggusdikkus

    ha! i’m the 95th!!!

    18 Aug 2007, 15:24

  96. Ed Ryan

    I have conquered the fabled Chocolate Vodka…..I call it Chodka or Chalcohol depending on how fruity your feeling

    Step 1 – buy 1 litre of cheap nasty vodka & refrigerate
    Step 2 – Buy 4 Mars Bars & freeze them – never Snickers or Kit Kats
    Step 3 – Chop the mars bars into little pieces & add to the vodka (you need to pour some vodka out first)
    Step 4 – Seal the bottle very tightly – right now it looks like a stool sample in formaldehide but do not despair!
    Step 5 – Now for the ingenius part – Put the botle in your dishwasher (with no dishes or soap) and turn onto a normal washh
    Step 6 – Half way through take the bottle out & give it a shake to stop the chocolate sticking to the sides
    Step 7 – when the was is completed take the bottle out and take the lid off & leave to coll down for a while
    Step 8 – Drink it down !!!

    23 Aug 2007, 09:39

  97. The Great Jefepato

    Hm. The stuff still burns pretty badly, but it tastes good. I’m gonna try mixing with Sierra Mist.

    25 Aug 2007, 00:36

  98. rick xwaite

    Hey im just wonderin if any1s tried the skittle vodka using a dishwasher? if so what is the method and best way 2 do it? its just i dont hav enough time 2 do the 5 day manual method!

    07 Sep 2007, 20:02

  99. milli

    If you’re really short on time – this only takes a couple of hours or so.

    To speed it up even more, I crushed the skittles using a mortar and pestle before adding it to the vodka (probably about 40 or 50% alcohol, homemade vodka – I have a very generous colleague) give it a good shake and sit it in a bucket of hot water. It dissolved pretty quickly.

    I was on a roll, and made redskin vodka (put the redskins in the freezer so they become brittle, then took them out and bashed them into tiny pieces with a rolling pin). It’s fluro pink!

    Also vanilla apple while I was at it. 4 or 5 green apples, peeled, cored, and sliced thinly, 4 tablespoons sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla essence and about 700ml vodka. Have a feeling this might take a while though – at least 10 days.

    I’m not sure why it’s happening, but the purple skittle vodka seems to be fading in colour!

    23 Oct 2007, 07:32

  100. Adam

    The dishwasher idea works. Just put it on a normal wash, once the wash is done pull the bottles out and shake them until any left over skittles dissolve. Boom Skittles vodka in under an hour.

    Anyone know the best way to get all the ming out. I tried a funnel and paper towels but i had to do it like 5 times and there was still some left. Any suggestions

    29 Oct 2007, 19:09

  101. Landa

    My boyfriend and I made sherbert vodka (with hard shelled fruit sherberts) and coffee vodka (almost a year ago now…). The coffee vodka was teh awesome, but the sherbert vodka kinda was messy. When spilt, it solidified and his flatmates were kinda pissed off as we were in the kitchen smashing sweets while they were trying to study. Also, DO NOT TASTE THE MING! I had to wash my mouth out with cheap vodka to get rid of the taste. It was a case of thinking “I like sweets. I like vodka. This stuff looks like sweet goo. Let’s try it!” Don’t. Under any circumstances.

    The best way we found to get rid of the ming was to cut the top off a 2 litre bottle (as we were lacking a funnel) and put a coffee filter in there (you know, the paper sort that people put in coffee makers?). We noticed less ming with that method than using kitchen towels.

    We’re definitely going to try making vodka infusions again, although with something else it it. And maybe not eating fruit pizza with it either.

    09 Nov 2007, 11:17

  102. Shaun

    This is fantastic – I can’t believe I joined the party so late.

    I’ll make some before december the 25th so I can have a very merry christmas.

    12 Nov 2007, 14:45

  103. John

    I tried making a test bottle here recently. My shoppete was all out of cheap vodka so I had to get Grey Goose. Anyhow, i think I made two mistakes. I only let it sit out for maybe a little over 24 hours so the skittles werent all dissolved. It smells good, but the skittles hadnt totally dissolved so it tastes….funky.

    As for filtering the ming out, I used a tshirt and that worked very well. I only had to run the vodka through it twice and all the ming was out. I definitely plan on making more when I visit home to drink with my friends. The rainbow challenge will be issued.

    14 Nov 2007, 18:45

  104. janelle

    If you crush the skittles (as much as you easily can) before adding them to the vodka, they dont turn rock hard, they dissolve faster, (24 hours is enough for great tasting results) and there’s no need to filter out the Ming! While the vodka looks cloudy a bit still, it’s so strongly flavored that even party guests that HATE vodka loved it the last time my roommate and I made a batch- it almost doesnt taste like alcohol anymore, just liquid candy…that’ll get you buzzed! (Green’s far and away our favorite!)

    14 Nov 2007, 20:59

  105. Phil

    i made this today within two hours luckily my dad had nuthing better to do but to shake the bottle for two hours …. anyways mine turned a pretty much orange coulor although some might say orange/red but i say orange lol. tastes great and i took the green ones out and added them to the vodka i had 2 take out to make room for the skittles in my opinion tastesd better than the other full bottle lol
    next thing to try is millions vodka

    17 Nov 2007, 23:22

  106. kuppykake

    this site is brill!
    vodka skittles is legendary, i’m having a ziblata (get drunk party) this weekend- parents left me alone X)
    might aswell call it a vodka skittles party, everyones well keen!
    thanks for d tips tho, cleared up loadsa queries!
    i’ll try get back to u if all goes well…
    cheers! and remember:
    your not drunk till u can’t lie on d floor without holding on! hehe

    25 Nov 2007, 18:55

  107. Bill

    This looks amazing, but here’s an idea: Sour Skittles

    It’s just crazy enough that it might be awesome.

    03 Dec 2007, 23:45

  108. Jenni

    You think skittles are cool huh? Try SMARTIES.
    Similar method – put the smarties in, shake, filter, chill, enjoy. The good think about smarties is because their shell is “soft”, they dissolve much easilier.
    Other spirits to try with smarties: DRY martini yum, sambuca – must be VERY careful with this – still tastes a bit aniseedy which made me a little sick cos I HATE sambuca, but still… also, try it with rum – wouldn’t reccomend dark rum, or malibu – urgh! Rum is usually best with a lemonade mixer.
    Been thinking about making orange skittle vodka and mixing with orange juice for a slower drink. Hmm.
    Tea bag filtering tip works VERY well, but I used to use a big turkey baster like a pipette first, then filtered what was left. Made less mess, but be careful not to disturb the ming – it’s minging!
    Other tips, try pouring each different colour/flavour on top of the other – difficult to get right, but tastes amazing through a straw, or done as a shot.

    07 Dec 2007, 23:12

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