November 19, 2005

The RAG Traffic Light Disco

Now with added caption competition fun!

What more can I say, the tastiest candy on offer was the sweetie necklace on sale at the RAG stand. :| And secondly, what was up with the music eh? Tragic.

So come on, captions please! make me laugh :)

M xxx

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  1. My caption would involve cupsize, but I'm not cunning enough to make it work. Great comic – made me laugh!

    19 Nov 2005, 12:18

  2. A: Hey there, you handsome young chap. Is that a green top you're wearing? *giggles* I couldn't help but notice you standing by the bar there and, as a confident and attractive young lady, I thought I should come over and say hello. I'm Mia.

    B: Wow, hello to you. What a vision of beauty stands before me. Can you really be the famous Mia, the awesome one who everyone's heard of but nobody's met? Your understated green top matches your beautiful eyes; your hair falls softly like a gushing waterfall in spring; your smile, your confidence bid me to converse with you for as long as I can hope to hold your attention.
    Wanna go into the bogs and screw?

    C: Er…

    D: I'm leaving.

    19 Nov 2005, 13:19

  3. I liked your dress, it was cool.

    19 Nov 2005, 14:46

  4. Hehehehehe…
    I think perhaps yours could have gone something like this Thorwald:
    A: Hi.
    B: Boobs.
    C: What?
    D: Brrrrreasts!

    lol, nice one too Si :D
    and Andy Andy Andy yours was a most exellent top too, 1 UP!!!
    surely there is a "+1" around somewhere too…

    19 Nov 2005, 17:33

  5. I stole'd it from Nick2, I might steal it on a more permanent basis.

    19 Nov 2005, 17:57

  6. Dave tCB

    A: Hi
    B: Have you heard about the 10 ton penguin?
    C: No
    D: That broke the ice didn't it! No really, there's more where that came from….......

    20 Nov 2005, 23:38

  7. Hehe. I like it! But not really sure of a good caption. Theres always those akward times when you have something to say but no words seems to come out:

    A: Hi

    B: Hi

    C: ….

    D: …. (cough)


    21 Nov 2005, 00:13

  8. *votes to hear the real answer at some point*

    21 Nov 2005, 01:26

  9. A: Well helloooo… Still green?
    B: Yeah… I don't seem to be able to hit it off with anyone.
    C: Well you can't be that bad. What do you say to people that makes them leave?
    D: What's pink & silver & bumps into things?

    21 Nov 2005, 21:46

  10. hehehe…

    Well, my personal answer was going to be along the lines of this:

    A: Why hello there! Any ideas on how I can lure all the comment whores to my next blog post, even though I have essentially no content to back it up except a half finished cartoon?
    B: That's simple, make them provide the content themselves. They get to show how funny they are and the double-figure comment count will make you feel all warm fuzzy and loved on the inside. Everybody wins!
    C: Oh my God, You must be some kind of evil post-whore genius blogger. Please, tell me more…
    D: What's a blog?

    But I was pretty sure there were much funnier posibilities out there.
    Mike's is incredibly accurate in fact :s

    ps. "pink and silver" I, I don't get it :| Am I being stupidly naive? Is everybody else smirking a some very funny dirty joke that has just gone straight over my head? bah...

    22 Nov 2005, 17:34

  11. Let's be fair, it wouldn't be a double-figure comment count if you hadn't just posted…
    oh, bugger.

    22 Nov 2005, 18:50

  12. Mwahaha… once again my evil scheme has gone exactly to plan!


    Wait, I mean, I'm not evil. Ummm… Shit. Well that pretty much buggered that up.

    22 Nov 2005, 19:06

  13. It depends whether or not you want to know the answer? It's a guaranteed non-pulling one.

    22 Nov 2005, 20:10

  14. You can tell me, won't make any difference :-s

    22 Nov 2005, 23:41

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