October 25, 2005

The honest–to–God truth… *ahem*

Unfortunately, and much to Jeff Gothra's disappointment WaterBadger and JamSquirrel never made it off the drawing board and it was Frederic Mozilla's creation that lept to browser fame.

Jeff's unofficially quote on the matter was:

Oh bugger…


Next week; How two students renamed their search engine from BackRub briefly to BottomFondle before finally settling on the equally ridiculous "Google".

M xxx

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  1. Water Badger!?!

    So much better. Bring on the aquatic Meles meles!

    25 Oct 2005, 14:56

  2. There is a Firefox plugin that randomises the name of the browser each time you load it, by choosing from lists of animals and elements. It's somewhere on the Internet, go fetch.

    25 Oct 2005, 20:23

  3. W00t! Found'ed!!!1
    Go Go Mozilla Firepanda!!

    25 Oct 2005, 20:42

  4. Thanks Nick! :D

    25 Oct 2005, 20:52

  5. Nice background there.
    Nick – I shall soon be Earthvoled too. Ta.

    25 Oct 2005, 22:20

  6. yay for mozilla sealizard – makes last minute diagram hunting on web so much more enjoyable ;)

    26 Oct 2005, 13:02

  7. Haha, excellent :) you can customise the word lists in the options too, add your own favourite animal and/or element.

    Have fun kids.

    26 Oct 2005, 13:07

  8. Gah, my version of Firefox is too new and it doesn't run. That'll teach me for going cutting-edge!

    26 Oct 2005, 13:08

  9. Hahar, hacked (well, textfile-edited):

    Nick's version that also works up to version 1.5+ <halfninja.co.uk/firesomething-1.7.0-fx-hacksawed.xpi>

    You have to save it, then you drag the file onto a browser window.

    26 Oct 2005, 13:14

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