October 19, 2006

The Crossroads Of (Potential) Doom

Follow-up to Woo–frikity–booya–hoo! from Something Random

Today was amazing. I spent the whole day in london, spoke wih a designer, saw a Duchess and bumped into Mary Quant whilst perusing Dolce & Gabanna in Joseph.

I also got an interview for a biopharmaceutical company that will be tomorrow at 11am.

Gah. I can’t stick to both tracks at once, which means that my life choices consist of:

1. Living in abject poverty doing a job that any design student would gladly give both legs, arms, eyes and soul for, whilst simultaneously mingling with the high aristocracy and occasionally royalty.
2. Living on a guaranteed salary with a full set of big-company perks doing a job that although I am qualified for may kill me through boredom and/or regrets.

In my favour, I am young and can afford to make mistakes at this stage in my life, but unfortunately my degree subject is such that it has a limited shelf life and in a few years all I’ve learnt will be irrelevant – so if i don’t get in now I may not have the chance again. On the other hand, opportunities in fashion like this one are rarer than rocking-horse poop and I would probably qualify for severe mental retardation if I let it go by. The real question is, what do I value more, security or passion, especially when it’s all or nothing.

I’m tending towards the design at the moment, there is a little voice urging me to tell them to stick their 20k/annum graduate salary where the sun doesn’t shine. But then the other little voice wants a house and a car and a comfortable life.

And so I sit at the crossroads in something of a dilemma


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  1. “Do what makes you happy” is what one hears from old people aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the time (ie over 30). They know and they regret.
    Easy when you think like that innit?

    19 Oct 2006, 23:15

  2. I agree with the widge.

    20 Oct 2006, 07:05

  3. Follow your heart!

    You’re an extremely capable & intelligent person – you could adapt to a more “conventional” job at any point in the future if you decided you needed to. You’ve currently got youth, enthusiasm, flair & student debt on your side (OK, ignore that last one).

    “Simon says” go for it.

    20 Oct 2006, 14:09

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