July 11, 2005

Strictly Ballroom

Go. Now. Rent it. Watch it.

Or not. Y'know, whatever… It's not like I'm threatening you with death or anything…

It's Australian based, Baz Luhrmann produced, dancing fueled, beauteous wonderfullness. Combining great dancers, gorgeous dresses, good looking lead guy and an ugly-ducking-to-swan leading lady. The finale is oh so predictable but who cares.

I love this film. It's a chick flick. I'm a chick, so sue me.


Here's to dreaming of the impossibly happy endings against all odds. Regardless of the heartbreaks that preceed them, or however hopeless they may seem. Sometimes the dream is all you have, sometimes it's all you need… And among the mush and soppyness of the previous few lines I guess there is a serious fragment of truth; If you can drag yourself out from under the avalanche of puppies, teddies, flowers and heart-shaped scatter cushions long enough to find it.

A word of warning however: Guys, if your lady makes you watch this then you'd better think long and hard about what you did to deserve it. And never do it again. No one dies, there are no guns or violence and it is romantic and has a happy ending. At one point some bins are knocked over and that. is. it.

Say you're sorry, and chances are you'll be fine.

Now; where's the rest of that popcorn? I think some dramatic sighing and wistful glances are in order, coupled with impossibly swoony background music, a sheepskin rug, chocolates and a bubble machine. Damn I love being a girl.

M xxx

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  1. Gareth

    You people scare me.

    11 Jul 2005, 09:37

  2. That sounds like everything I hate all scrunched up and stuffed into a movie.

    11 Jul 2005, 09:41

  3. "You people scare me."

    Is that girls in general or are you referring to my collection of multiple personalities?

    James; Yes it is. At least when you see the title appear you'll know to start running. Fast.

    11 Jul 2005, 12:03

  4. Gareth

    A little from column A and a little from column B…

    11 Jul 2005, 13:10

  5. I must confess I have seen it & it is not the worst film I have ever seen. That title is still held by Lost in Translation. Don't watch it. Ever. For any reason.

    11 Jul 2005, 19:04

  6. Unfortunately that film has already assaulted my eyes, and yes I found it more than a little dire. And considering that I am "under the influence" the lack of spelling errors in this comment is astounding. Ahhhh bed for me! I love my bed I do. Yay and huzzah for duvets.

    *Hugs* all round because I'm in such a benevolent mood you have exactly 24 hours to claim one starting from… NOW

    woooo. so tired. wow I just offered the entire world a hug. Ahhh alcohol is such a friendly drug.

    11 Jul 2005, 23:07

  7. Yay Gareth A & B = Secret Option 'C'; both

    Just ask Tom.

    Go on…

    Secret option C is almost always the best answer to most decisions except ones like "cake or death" or "your money or your life". Do it, bring a little 'C' into your life. It makes you instantly more attractive to the opposite sex, funnier, healthier, wealthier and is good Feng Shui. Honest*
    *may be a lie

    errrrr… nitenite.

    11 Jul 2005, 23:13

  8. Gareth

    I'm bemused as to why you think I didn't already know of the "Option C clause". I didn't choose C because that can involve A+B in it's entirety, which isn't what I wanted :P

    And just because of that, you're not getting a hug off me :|

    12 Jul 2005, 09:41

  9. Anna

    I agree with all that has been said here! Strictly Ballroom is a wonderous film and Scott Hastings is hot (scuse me). Also Lost in Translation is indeed shite. My friend Will paid good money for the DVD, even though he'd already seen it! This is beyond me. i think it had something to do with Scarlett Johannson's bum… but for some reason he still insists its a good film

    28 Jul 2005, 13:10

  10. jake

    This movie is sooooooooooo boring

    03 Nov 2006, 03:13

  11. pea67

    This movie is shit n gay

    03 Nov 2006, 03:13

  12. I love you jake. And I love your alterego pea67. My heart bursts with ardent passion for you and your kind. Literally. As I type bits of bloodied heart are ricocheting off the front of my monitor and forming a messy puddle on my desk. Unfortunately at the moment I’m very much comitted to stalking James but as soon as he hides away in an asylum I’ll come back to you jake-pea, my precious. For there’s nothing in this world that intreagues me more than badly punctuated homophobic comments from teen spammers. Go hither and fulfil the task you were set upon this world to perform – buy a ringtone and make people on trains want to kill you.
    Best wishes, xxx

    03 Nov 2006, 22:42

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