March 08, 2006


"Seeking The Answer."

(All activity suspended until further notice.)

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  1. what you crazy girl you

    09 Mar 2006, 00:11

  2. I actually have the answer – I'll let you take a peek if you make me some cakes?

    09 Mar 2006, 00:52

  3. 42

    Someone had to say it.

    09 Mar 2006, 01:02

  4. I have but one slice of cake and half a tiramisu. Deal?

    Someone did have to say it, and that someone was you! and you win the excellent prize of… um… ahmmm… well it really depends on how much of the cake James is willing to share…

    09 Mar 2006, 01:14

  5. *bounces around*

    09 Mar 2006, 01:22

  6. *bounces also, insanely hoping it will cure the insomnia*

    09 Mar 2006, 01:28

  7. try some nice warm milk with honey, knocks me out every time.
    not got insomnia but am struggling to comprehend the meaning of my fractured hand

    09 Mar 2006, 01:32

  8. Now it wouldn't happen to have anything to do with alcohol would it…?

    09 Mar 2006, 01:38

  9. nope mia it was induced by playing in goal for a footy game
    though acahol sounds a good idea to me right now.
    There's yours and my answer ALCOHOL

    09 Mar 2006, 01:43

  10. Unfortunately I've looked there already and tho it's a pretty good answer, it also tends to stir up more questions than it solves :(

    09 Mar 2006, 01:53

  11. lol, well that is true and the hangover can be brutal but hey sometimes what happens with the opposite sex and even more strangely with your friends of the same make it a wonderful and very disturbing substance.

    • Block that night out damnit*

    09 Mar 2006, 02:01

  12. i dont understand how to format my freaking comments. tis bugging me now and oh Mia try thinking of two things about the future taht make you happy and you'll forget about seeking the answer

    09 Mar 2006, 02:03

  13. This is a lovely list of helpfulness with regard to the whole formatting issue, i think the box you want is 4th up from the bottom – they explain it better than i could.

    Happiness is a pretty huge goal, at the moment i'm willing to settle for sleep – but there's nothing quite like final year project work to make one feel drowsy!

    09 Mar 2006, 02:19

  14. Everybody loves insomnia :) I was starting to wonder where you'd disappeared to – guess project work is an adequate excuse! This the evolution vs creationism thing?

    09 Mar 2006, 02:32

  15. Project work will be the death of me, tho if I'm to actually show any signs of life when Lucy knocks on my door tomorrow I'm thinking I'd better get to sleep soon :s

    09 Mar 2006, 02:38

  16. LOL resorted to that old failsafe again? I remember having to knock on Lucy's door in the morning during exam time in the first year – don't laugh, I did used to get up in the morning once upon a time! Stupid Wonderful student bodyclock :D

    09 Mar 2006, 02:54

  17. I miss being online at 2am. That's when all the fun is. :(

    09 Mar 2006, 11:56

  18. I always thought fun was more at 5am. 2am is the warmup :D

    09 Mar 2006, 15:47

  19. Dave tCB

    Judging by your anti-spam question, sorting out what the question is may be as difficult as seeking the answer :-)

    Let us know when you defeat the creationists.

    09 Mar 2006, 21:06

  20. Well I hope to have them defeated by Wednesday the seventh of June to the extent of no more than 12,000 words.
    Or I'm in big trouble.

    11 Mar 2006, 11:25

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