October 29, 2005


Oh goddamnit!!

All of my white items have come out of the wash grey! Nooooo!!!! I'm never going to hear the end of this once my mother finds out. Ever.

Still, I think I would have preferred the stereotypical pink…


Edit: Oooops.... i've just found someone elses white grey sock in with all my stuff.

I can't believe this, of all the things to go wrong it had to be bloody grey. I don't even know who the culprit is. There will be an inquisition...

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  1. To hell with it. I hereby declare grey to be the new pink this season.
    Pink is like soooo last week daaaah-ling
    *sets washing machine to stun*

    29 Oct 2005, 23:13

  2. Mathew Mannion

    My mum banned me from washing my clothes after week 2 of the first term of the first year, and has proceeded to come down every 2 weeks to pick them up since. I have attempted to start washing my own clothes again this year, but she still comes down and tries to find new dirty stuff

    29 Oct 2005, 23:15

  3. If all your clothes came out a vibrant grey it would be okay, wouldn't it? But they tend to come out a colour that's called "pants left in wash"

    Quoted not stolen.

    29 Oct 2005, 23:35

  4. Hmmm, a tricky situation indeed Mat. Try getting some random items from oxfam and give them to her when she comes. That way she gets to wash, and you get to look after your own stuff – sorted. Better yet wash everyone elses stuff :|

    I think the only way to get round this is to rebrand the colour. "Pants left in wash" just doesn't sound as designer as "stonewashed grey", "gris autentique" or "urban slate". I guess I can now claim to have unique "modded" underwear. I just need to add some safety pins and ribbons and then I can export them to some random Japanese fetish shop and make a small fortune. Alternatively this is the perfect excuse for a shopping spree. Lovely. :)

    Oh bugger, I've just realized my bed isn't made. But I'm not feeling trampy enough to crawl into a sleeping bag. Bleugh. I want a small hispanic maid called Rosalia. Where is she? Where?! God you're really letting me down on this one, c'mon, or I'm going atheist on yo' holy ass…

    30 Oct 2005, 01:27

  5. correction: I am trampy enough

    30 Oct 2005, 15:58

  6. I slept under a blanket last night. It wasn't grey though, unlike my socks.

    31 Oct 2005, 03:12

  7. There is one solution I believe you may not have considered.
    Tye Dye all affected clothing, and others should you so wish and start a new revival of the 60s. If they are funky enough and you get a few friends to join in I'm almost certain a fashion trend would commence…plus its fun to do.

    31 Oct 2005, 16:49

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