July 02, 2005

Never ever ever say

"Go on, have a drink while we're out"

to a student. You may well regret it later. *sigh* when will my parents learn…

So, what do you get when you mix a dash each of:

  • apricot schnapps
  • vodka
  • Galliano
  • triple-sec curacao
  • martini rosso
    then add ~3 times the volume of the resulting mixture in cranberry and raspberry juice. Add a handfull of heart shaped icecubes, stir, et voila!


The answer is, I have no idea what is is but it is tasty and also nameless. So what is it to be? A "girl's night in"? A "happy valentine"? – because of the hearts. A "pink mule" - in reference to not only the hefty kick but also a gorgeous pair of shoes.

Any suggestions? Go on… I need a laugh. And as an added bonus, if you win I'll give a long-winded speech about how funny/amazing/clever/humanoid you are whenever I drink one. You see if I don't. I always keep my promises, especially if they are alcohol related.

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  1. How about an "Apricot scnapps, Vodka, Galliano, Triple-sec Curacao and Martini Rosso mixed beverage"? I think it's catchy…

    02 Jul 2005, 18:44

  2. There must be some kind of acronym… GAsMrTsC.

    03 Jul 2005, 11:08

  3. Sam. It's catchy indeed. Not unlike the great plague.
    And Nick, somehow that acronym brings to mind that of some dreadful gastro-enteritic clinical condition.

    I want to draw from both ideas and call it the Pink Death (caused by the pathogeinc alco-phile Yersinia pinkis*)

    Now, what do you wish your speeches to be on? Great achievements? or maybe a little dance will suffice?

    *o ho ho a science joke. I'm so funny...

    04 Jul 2005, 14:45

  4. Punches her face

    05 Jul 2005, 10:57

  5. Ow! :(

    Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. I'm sure Sam and Nick will let you dance for them too…

    05 Jul 2005, 13:53

  6. Dance for us James! DANCE!

    07 Jul 2005, 09:50

  7. *Dances. Why are you making me do this… WHY?

    07 Jul 2005, 12:08

  8. Well this thread just got more amusing by several points.

    *takes photo

    Teeheeheeheehee, I'm keeping that as, er, evidence.
    8 out of 10. Not bad but could be better. Remember: "It's all in the hips, it's all in the hips…".

    07 Jul 2005, 17:06

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