March 08, 2005

Lovely glorious tea.

Of all the days I could have had yesterday rates pretty high on the Richter scale and has left me pretty shaken. I’ll spare everyone the details but lets say it wasn’t just the fact that I missed my first blog in over a week. I haven’t the bitterness in me to bitch, not right now, so I’m going to fill this entry with nice stuff Fluffy sparky stuff and bunnies. Everything that makes me happy I actually bothered to get up this morning. Not a lot, but the good stuff is worth it

Starting us off is tea


PG tips, milk, no sugar please.
Miracle in a mug, or indeed a teacup. Probably more calming and addictive than any drug free liquid should be. I am cutting down to about 4/5 mugs a day since the 1st term this year where I was actually getting through a 250 bag box every 5 weeks. What can I say? I love tea. I’m surprised there isn’t a Tea Soc already – it’d be the biggest in the Socs Federation surely? And socials with tea, cakes and biscuits would be heavily attended. Plus there’d have to be personalised mugs printed for members. Hmmm I wonder…

If there are no existing societies that cater for what you want to do, you can quite easily set up a new one that does. All you need is 30 people with the same interest who want to become members, and have aims that do not overlap with any existing society.
The steps to setting up a new society are:
1) Find 30 people with a similar interest.
2) Fill in the Society Constitution Form and Exec Contact Sheet, both of which can be obtained from Pam Walker (the Societies Administrator) in the Resources Room (At the top of the stairs in Union North)
3) You will be invited to a meeting of the Socs Fed Committee, where you society will be discussed
4) If approved you will be able to operate as a Union society

Ok, well, this wasn’t the direction this blog was supposed to be heading in but I guess if there’s enough interest why not? Gah, stop it Mia, stop it! I don’t mean to incite mass revolutionary action from the student masses. I just love tea.

Here’s an idea for any tea lovers that frequent Top B, something that I intend to put into practice next term. Request a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows but without the chocolate, cream or marshmallows – essentially just the “hot”. Then add teabag and milk (from a cartony doodah), that were cunningly secreted away in your bag at the beginning of the evening. Et voila! Tea, in the most unusual of locations when you need it most. Lovely. I wish I’d thought of it before I got to the union. Yeah, I’m not quite sure of the exact motive behind the hot chocolate, maybe it’s the “do unto others” bit, and it was decided that the only thing that one would want “done unto oneself” at 1:05 in the morning is a hot chocolate. If so, then it’s good sound logic I guess. Maybe it’s an attention grabbing publicity campaign for promotion of CU events just to remind us they’re there. Or maybe they’re just being nice. I don’t know. I’ve just never been explained why-

*computer crashes* (autosave, I love you)

Aaaargh! Please God no! OK, OK, I’m sorry, I take it all back, they’re doing a great job, ok? I’m just saying that tea would definitely upgrade it to awesome. That’s all. Please don’t smite my computer. Pretty please. Thankyou. Amen.

Because tea is awesome. And truly versatile, seriously, think about it. Not only does it constitute a 6th food group for the student population. If the Queen and Prime Minister happened to pop in one afternoon – what would you serve them? Meanwhile, outside, there are four builders working on your kitchen extension – what do you give them? Amazing I think you’ll agree. Not many items have such a broad range of usefulness.

Plus scientific experiments have shown that some hot drinks do boost the immune system but 50% of the beneficial effects are achieved just through holding the hot mug itself. And as for the stuff in your mug, It’s about 2 calories (for those poor souls actually counting) and has plenty of good points: High in iron; Very high in manganese; Very high in magnesium; High in phosphorus; Very high in potassium; Very high in riboflavin; High in zinc. The bad points are that it has a lot of sodium and caffeine (but only 47mg whereas the same volume of filter coffee has 95mg) so not too bad really.

Having a bad day? Have some tea. I promise it’ll be like a hug in a mug. The addition of biscuits is also recommended. In extreme cases I am sometimes available at short notice with tea and biscuits, hugs too if necessary.

Anyway, I must go, stuff to do. Hope you enjoyed this more lovely post. Have a nicer day, have tea. It gets a 5* from me.

M xxx

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  1. Well done, tea wins.

    08 Mar 2005, 19:25

  2. If only I actually liked the taste of the stuff, shame because I know the benefits, but I just don't like it…

    08 Mar 2005, 20:32

  3. I am drinking tea out of my MASSIVE mug. Any tea'll do – fruit, green, white-no-sugar-either-ta-very-much. It's all tea and it's all good…

    08 Mar 2005, 21:51

  4. Yep, massive mugs are a good thing, and they look pretty funky too :) The only issue being that a massive mug takes sooo much longer to brew than a smaller one!

    Last year, in Rootes, so many peeps had invested in lovely mugs that one round of tea required 2 full kettles worth of water. And crap kettles meant a huge wait. This year our kettle is one step down from being nuclear powered – 0-Tea in 40 seconds!

    I think I'm in love…

    09 Mar 2005, 00:46

  5. WOW- that sounds like one awesome kettle. I like tea.

    Tea and otters. Both are cool.

    24 May 2005, 03:06

  6. Er, why is it wrapped in silverfoil…. to protect it from alien mind beams?!

    24 May 2005, 17:01

  7. Why, its the latest in designer chic, an original from Aron Truss at the Funk House (a man who once woke me from my pleasant slumbering on his sofa to confront me with the sight of him wearing a yellow and blue spandex weightlifting outfit- a strange fellow). Heres pictoral evidence:

    So yes, thanks to the tinfoil Vårklaad is now not only equipped for lunar scrabbling and safely traversing firey abysses (abyssi?) but he can do both safe in the knowledge that he looks cool. Which, to an otter, is the most important thing. Even more important than blocking alien mind beams. Though it does that too.

    25 May 2005, 00:58

  8. As a designer myself, I am relieved to see that Vårklaad takes fashion seriously, it is not at all uncommon to see badly dressed otters around Warwick, which makes me sad. Such a nicely attired otter is most refreshing; if maybe a bit disturbing – not unlike the guy in the photo, who I hope recieved some help. I can't help but feel that spandex should be reserved for Norwegian eurovision acts alone…

    Maybe he should have stuck to tinfoil. :)

    25 May 2005, 18:51

  9. Badly dressed otters such as this one?

    Thats the last time I let him buy a Dashboard Confessional CD I tell ya.

    Oh, for his spandex fetish Aron was examined, diagnosed as having an excess amount of cheddar in his bloodstream, and was prescribed more cowbell.

    26 May 2005, 03:07

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