January 19, 2006

A thought

A quute that I remember from some time ago

"I wish I'd known that at 20 I'd be everything I hated myself for not being at 15." - anon

The only problem with this being that now I'm 20, I want to be somebody else entirely.


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  1. :(

    Know that feeling, *hugs*

    19 Jan 2006, 02:02

  2. Mathew Mannion

    Ditto. Except I'm 21.


    19 Jan 2006, 06:58

  3. I'd like to be someone else, but I don't know who.

    19 Jan 2006, 08:04

  4. I am somebody else… it's confusing.

    19 Jan 2006, 10:34

  5. Gareth

    I'm actually very happy being myself at the moment :D Can't imagine why…

    19 Jan 2006, 11:57

  6. If someone wants to be me for a while I could use a break.

    19 Jan 2006, 12:25

  7. *hugs. Know that feeling too.

    (Hmm… maybe we should form some sort of temporary-identity-swap society?)

    19 Jan 2006, 13:26

  8. Dave tCB

    Hmmm, that is a shame. Your blog has made me laugh and pause for thought and another person might not have been able to do that.

    19 Jan 2006, 17:24

  9. anyway side note, you said saturday right?

    i am exactly who i want to be, cos im great and you know its true.

    20 Jan 2006, 13:41

  10. Hmm, if I were feeling even remotely awake at the moment I might take a stab at saying something insightful and enlightening, but I'm not, so I won't.

    It's all about the frame of mind really.

    20 Jan 2006, 19:02

  11. Gareth

    How comes I'm the one with exams, and you're the stressed out, miserable people? :P

    20 Jan 2006, 20:33

  12. I can't speak for the others, but I'm just miserable, not stressed.

    20 Jan 2006, 23:27

  13. Hmm, actually forget what I said about frame of mind. No, I have discovered that actually it's all about frame of pants.

    Everybody Loves Pants!

    22 Jan 2006, 18:43

  14. Thanks everyone :) sometimes it feels like I can't even keep up with myself, let alone anything else. Ideally I just need use of a simple time machine. Failing that, an identity swap would probably keep me amused for a while. Still, I'm hoping for normal blogging sevice to resume shortly as soon as I find a raison d'ętre. Maybe it just fell down the back of my desk. No harm in checking…
    Alternatively, finding someone 5 years my senior could provide a few clues.

    Damn. Unless my raisond'ętre is a 10-socket power strip I'm pretty screwed.

    24 Jan 2006, 16:55

  15. I'm in the wierd position of not liking my predicament, but not liking anyone else's enough to want to be them.
    When I was younger I'd look at the popular/hard English boys and think "ah, yes, but I eat better food at home, so, no, don't wanna be them.

    24 Jan 2006, 18:20

  16. Wait, you have a 10-socket power strip? But that's so cool! I wish I had a 10-socket power strip… I've been having to make do with just a 6 and a 4, and lets face it, that's just no good. So you see, you're clearly better off than I am. Just one question: Why on earth would you need to find someone 5 years your senior?

    31 Jan 2006, 08:59

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