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May 25, 2005

How do you…

…Deal with a phonecall from someone you just don't want to talk to?

here some of the excuses housemate #2 and I came up with in a few minutes:

  • "I'm sorry, I have to go. There's this houseplant that really needs watering you see."
  • "Do excuse me but I'm in the middle of a session of rampant sex"
  • "Excuse me but there appears to be a lion gnawing my leg"
  • "I'm ever so sorry but my spleen just imploded"
  • "Sorry, I have no ears, so I can't hear you…"
  • "I'm sorry but you're breaking up, my phone has trouble transmitting complete bullsh*t"
  • "Could you call back in a week, my ears are bleeding"
  • "I'm sorry, you're just a total slag from hell that deserves to die, and I haven't had my anti-total-slag-from-hell-that-deserves-to-die vaccination"
  • "I'm sorry, you appear to be speaking at a pitch that my ears can't pick up…"

or just say "F*CK OFF" and hang up. F*ck off is an excuse…

So. Any suggestions?

M xxx

Edit: Post-posting suggestions...

  • "What? I am not drunk... I am high on drugs. So if you'll please excuse me... teeheehee hehe hee heeeee......"


Mia f*cks up a 50:50 split.


Unfortunately this seems to be the trend with my decision making. If there are two choices I seem to keep on making the wrong one. I try to outwit myself by picking the option that I wasn't going to pick, but my brain must be one step ahead of me and using reverse psychology. Consequently Mia ends up making the wrong choice.

Yet again.


M xxx

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