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June 24, 2005


…Just like in the movies.

Ok, well, maybe not exactly like in the movies. There was a marked lack of bikini clad beauties frolicking playfully in slow motion in jets of water but there was a lot of water and an awful lot of bubbles. With music, karaoke and icecream too.

I'll just apologise in advance for what i'm going to say, but I hate white cars. Silver or pearlescent are no problem, white is an issue. I don't know why I hate white cars so much, and I don't think some people are able to grasp the full extent of my loathing. Let's put it this way; my parents offered to buy me a car. It was white. I declined. Yeah, laugh away but that actually happened.

Another colour that sometimes gives me issues is green. Now green isn't really all too bad and can be very sexy indeed (e.g. racing green on a jaguar – yum) but it's not all that impressive on a Citroen AX.

Especially when that Citroen is supposed to be black.

Yes, black.

That's the condition my poor baby was in this morning. Green. Because nobody else gives it good lovin when I'm out of town. It actually had ivy growing on the tyres – not through the hubcaps but on the rubber itself. Appalling. It's been moved from where it was before but my dad had been cutting the hedge around the car.

But anyway, after a lot of elbow grease it is finally shiny all over and clean enough to eat off of. (Seriously. I had to use fairy liquid because my dad has hidden the proper soap) It even got a polish. Yay so cute!

Isn't it a handsome devil? Well… yeah… maybe not. I can appreciate that it is sporting 3 styles of hubcap (one of which is invisible) and that I'd probably look better rubbed down in turtlewax than it does; but it was a few blooms away from being entered in the village fete as one of the horticultural exhibits, so it's a big transformation.

Ooo I'm so proud! :D So no mocking my baby, or I'll hunt down some of the local wild chavs and set them on you. Anyway, you're only jealous because I love my car more than I'll ever love you…
*I Love My Car (by Belle and Sebastian) plays in the background...

In other news I have 3 days in which to prepare my parents for the "Resit Without Residence" currently winging its way over here. This is not comfirmed, but my study buddy just got the same and we revised together so the probability of me actually passing is not looking good. As my house for next year is not PLU owned I'll still get to live there (if I don't find a replacement) so it's not all bad. And I won't have to attend lectures or labs.

I can't live at home. It would just be too painful. Not only would my parents live there too but my brother has just acquired a kazoo and has learnt the entire kazoo sketch from Bill Bailey's Bewilderness gigs – hand gestures and all. He will die soon.

Seven days…

Nah that's way too generous...

M xxx

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