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October 18, 2005

Stealth chavs

My brother is funny. Quoth he:

I was out with my friend in baggy trousers, beenie, chains, this chav comes up to me and says I hate you fucking goths and grungers. so I said. "Wo, hey I'm not a grunger I'm just dressed up like one so I can infiltrate into their gang then get them back.
Well, he took it hook line and sinker…

Lee, this is what makes you my favourite sibling; All those stories you bring back from the Windsor ghetto… Yeah he has some strange ones, on his birthday a chav did a "drive-by" on him. With an apple.

I mean honestly… who throws an apple?!

M xxx


What’s the word for being afraid of technology only when it’s in the hands of someone else? That person being my mother...

Exibit A: The MSN extract.
Her: what is this lol
Me: lol = laugh out loud
Me: rofl = roll on floor laughing
Me: hehehe
Her: rofl
Her: I like that
Me: 8-) oh dear, what have i unleashed….
Her: rofl
Her: rofl
Her: rofl
Her: rofl
Her: rofl
Her: yes I like it
Her: rofl
Her: rofl
Her: flor
Her: sorry rofl
Her Friend: Please control youself

Yes ladies and gentlemen, inside my mother is a 13 year old AOL spammer just dying to get out and wreak havok on the world. Or at least she will as soon as she learns how to change her name on MSN. Soon the world will be her slimy goop-filled, externally calcified mollusc.

Be afraid… be very afraid…

M xxx

some crazy randomer…

…Actually picked me up in the marketplace at top B and waved me around in the air. And then apologised to my friend.


why would you do that? I am confusled and befuddled.

Still… great view up there… only I missed most of it due to the shock of suddenly being an extra 4ft taller :s

And i didn't get a monkey either :'(

Ugh. 9am lec tomorrow too. bedtime methinks…

M xxx

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