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May 12, 2005


Writing about web page

Some quirky illustrations of abstract comments about love.

You're cute.
I love when I wake up and you are beside me.
I think it is you.
I think it is time for me to forget about you.
Hold on, I love you.
I am saving my love for you.
we had to break up - it just wasn't working.
Love is complicated........... like a crossword puzzle.
I just want a hug.
I just wanted to hear you say 'I love you'.
I thought you loved me more than any thing, and I thought you would come back to me.

M xxx

For Chris (because I said I would)

Follow-up to Aaaargh! from Something Random

Dignity, Loss Of

Through chasing scattered lecture notes around a windy piazza.

I kinda stole the style of Sam Brown from Exploding Dog. If minimalistic, thoughtful, brightly coloured and strangely emotive MSPaint art is your thing, then give his site a look. If it's not your thing then look anyway, because it's really amazing. And it has robots.

M xxx

The Something Random Guide to: Making A Vodka Infusion.

In this case a delicious Skittles Vodka

No doubt this can be attempted with other types of sweets but we find that the skittle-like variety work very well. Chocolate is a big no-no unless you want to drink something that looks not unlike sewage.

There are some that would claim that Tom and I make dirt.
These people are heathens and have never tried the delights that they are so quick to dismiss. When dealing with skittle vodka it is paramount to ignore these philestines who do not appreciate the fruits of your labour. And it's only because they never got to try any, the crybabies!


This makes quite a bit and is a decent amount for a houseparty.

  • 5 bottles Tesco's Pavlov Vodka (70cl £6.42)
    Oh dear God. This stuff lies on the boundary of low grade vodka/high grade solvent - and probably on the wrong side. I cannot emphasise enough how much this should not be ingested sans modification. However, when you've finished with it it will be lovely. Admittedly better vodka would probably taste a bit lovelier at the end but this stuff is pleasant enough. Go for the more expensive stuff if you decide it's not good enough at the end. We find that this works just fine.

  • 5 packets Fruits Skittles (180g £0.97)
    These are the big bags not the little ones. Make sure you get the fruits ones with 5 flavours rather than any other varieties

  • measuring jug

  • 1 empty bottle

  • Filter papers for coffee (at least 10 filters £?)

  • funnel


  1. First soak the bottles in hot water to remove the label, this will come off quite easily.
  2. Open the vodka bottles and pour off between 150–200ml of each one into the empty bottle using the measuring jug.
  3. Open the skittles and sort them into their respective colours.
  4. Put all of the red skittles into one bottle, repeat for the other colours into the other bottles. Having removed some of the vodka earlier, there should be ample room for the sweets. Sometimes there are lots more reds. Put spares to one side to eat later as spoils of war. You should have something that looks like this:
  5. Enjoy 5 days of shaking the bottles at regular intervals to ensure that the sweets dissolve. This can be made easier towards the end by standing the bottles in a sink-full of hot water. By this point the vodka will be looking cloudy and will have a thick layer of what we professionals like to call mingtm. This is simply the hydrogenated vegetable fat rising to the surface as the skittles dissolve, as the fat is insoluble in vodka.
  6. At the end of the 5 days (or thereabouts) it's time to set up the awesome filtration device to remove the mingtm. It's advisable to cover the worktop with newspaper and yourself with an apron as this stuff stains like you would not believe.
  7. Pour all the contents of one bottle into an empty container and thoroughly rinse until it is totally free of mingtm.
  8. Place one filter paper inside another and then in the funnel, and the funnel into the mouth of the (now clean) bottle.
  9. Slowly pour the contents back in via the funnel. Keeping an eye on the filtrate to make sure that the filters havn't let anything through. If they have then repeat the process because mingtm tastes as bad as it sounds.
  10. Repeat procedure for the other 4 flavours
  11. Voila finished!

For an extra classy look print off a label for each bottle and tape them on. You can use the spare vodka to top up the bottles until they're full. Or use it to make some lovely vodka jelly.

Enjoy! (My personal favourites are the yellow and red mmmmmmm).
Hopefully the rest of the photos will be added as and when I can be bothered.


EDIT: we've recently found that a single piece of kitchen towel lining a sieve works a hell of a lot better than a filter in a funnel.

NST begins

Just as the 27th of March saw this years change to British Summer Time (technically British "Summer" Time), today I am pleased to announce the begining of my Nocturnal Student Time.

This momentous change occurs as the lecture timetable is cleared, and proceeds until the end of term; being only briefly suspended for morning examinations. 7AM is hereby declared ficticious until further notice.

M xxx

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