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March 06, 2005

Happy Bunnies

So, which happy bunny am I?

Good grief i'm so tired I almost drank from the candle on my desk instead of the glass of water.


But back to the quiz which promises to be amazingly relevant. These quizes really are soul gratingly annoying, but also incredible tools for intensive procrastination purely because you are tricked into thinking that:
a) you're doing something important (ie lots of active clicking involved) and
b) it my bear some relevance and insight to your life

Unfortunately both of which seldom occur unless you happen to be a rabbit doing a degree in time wastage. Nevermind.

Let's see… the oracle decrees that my bunny is:

You are the cute but psycho happy bunny, You adorable, but a little out there. It's alright, you might not have it all, but there are worse

There are worse what? Maybe it's just too late for my brain to function rationally but goddamn I'm irritated. I assume they meant "you're adorable" as well. So cute but psycho, hmmm.... They're so close. I'm almost cute and almost psycho, although this quiz makes me teeter on the edge a bit. I think this is a bad blog to write at stupid-o'clock in the morning (speaking as a midnight-6am bitch) because there are so many ways i want to rip this quiz to teeny bits.

Any quiz that allows you to answer the question "Life is…" with both "FUCK YOU" and "Great, I am luckier than most" at the same time is either investigating the complex emotional balance between the open and masked feelings felt by individuals at all points in their lives or it is retarded. Not helping its case is the fact that there are 4 questions used to catagorise people. Maybe they didn't do more because they lost count, maybe they've managed, over many attempts to narrow it down to the bare bones of personality analysis, the essence of character. If so, i could probably go one better with a single analytical question;

"Did you write the happy bunny quiz? Y/N", Y = You are intensely hated by me, N = There is every chance you are actually human.

Succinct and accurate.

Wow this person is actually being such a bitch, I think that was really unfair of her, and really judgemental, and… and… oh my god she's reading my mind and writing the thoughts onto the screen! Aargh! Stop it you witch!

OK, I'll say something nice about it. It has bunnies. And bright colours. And although it makes me want to claw out my brain with a rusty spoon, it doesn't make me feel homicidal, so that's a good thing surely?

Soooooo, a rating... hmmm I give this quiz 3.5/5 dead bunnies (bunnies seem appropriate) it would be less but there were only 4Qs and they were crap.

Still intrigued? "Yes, I want to take this stupid test !

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