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June 04, 2005

Goddamn neighbours…

Aaaaargh! There is so much banging going on next door I'm surprised there is a house left. It sound's like the git is actually trying to break into my room via the wall and a large collection of noisy impliments. He does this all day and then has the cheek to complain to the council that we are making too much noise. Ha!


We live in a terrace and the other neighbors have not complained at all, but thankfully there's only a few weeks of this left. I'm honestly not that volatile a character, I can put up with a lot and have even more patience for those that are patient with me. However… living next to bloody Homebase Man (Homo homebasae) is quite frankly getting on my tits.

For an entire year we have put up with hammering, DIY, noisy dogs, noisier children and loud arguments coming through into our house. Oh and not forgetting the "lovely" assortment of wind chimes. Yet we've had the decency to ignore it even when that was impossible. Then we have one party (to celebrate 3 birthdays) and without even coming over to ask us to turn the music down – which we would have – he calls up the council. Hence the noise abatement notice hovering above our heads like some modern spin on a punishment from the ancient greek hell.

The other night flatmate #4, who appears to have a pretty skittish disposition, heard noises from outside at 11:30 at night. It was the neighbour on a ladder, looking over the 2.5m hedge into our garden and then towards her room. Understandably she was very freaked out but luckily her boyfriend was round, so it was kinda ok. She went home yesterday because the exam stress was getting to her but I can't help but think that feeling you are being spied on didn't exactly make her feel like staying.

Personally i've only seen him once, the other day while I was in #4's room and he's only ever spoken to one of us, #3, to complain about noise. #3 introduced himself and was civil whereas the neighbour just grunted and stalked off. Yes that's right, he's spoken to us and not even had the common courtesy to introduce himself. He's imposing himself on our lives without even considering the disturbance caused by his own, and we don't even know his name.

I know I should be revising right now and i promised myself I'd stay off the blogging. But I cannot concentrate anywhere with all the banging going on next door as all our main rooms, including mine, are against that adjoining wall. Bloody nora he's still at it! If I so much as hear a peep out of him in the next week complaining about my "noise music" he is going to get a nice hardback copy of Molecular Cell Biology (5th Edition) to the head.

Ok rant over.

But the drilling and hammering isn't. C'mon it's been three hours now, give me a break!

Aaaaarrrrggghh! Urge to kill rising…

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