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May 04, 2005

Ok so this could be me…

But instead I'm at uni. Where did I go wrong…

Me an li't'ul Britney Chardonnay Brackenridge. Int she luvly? Spittin imige of er muvva. Me an er dads are so praad of er.

M xxx

To new friendships!

I made some new friends today and I just want to say thank you.

Thank you so much to you chavish lads.

All eight of you.

Thanks for pointing out for me that my hair is indeed red. And that I am wearing black. And that I am walking. And that I accidentally looked into your gargoyle-like features for a fleeting second. Thanks for pointing all that out, because while you were all taking your GCSEs in stating the f*cking obvious I must have been wasting my time learning how to speak the goddamn English language; throwing my younger years down the drain learning what a consonant was and how to pronounce it. Obviously Iíve been wasting my efforts, I see it so clearly now. All Iíve ever wanted is 7 screaming children, hooped earrings big enough to carry them all in and a string of casual relationships with twunts that own ďpimped upĒ novas, whose combined IQs would embarrass a bowl of hummus. I canít believe Iíve spent the last three and a half years of my life furthering my education when I could have been loitering outside public places on footpaths leering at passers-by.

maybe I do need to spend the night cavorting with a strapping young man. Hell, Iím sure it would be very enjoyable. When I find him Iíll let you know, but you can rest assured you burberry and adidas clad orang-utan that it is very unlikely to be you. Unfortunately for some my standards are set ever so slightly higher than the badly dressed, mal spoken, bad mannered, spitting, neckless hominids you appear to be.

So thanks. And extra brownie points for following me and making ďsnideĒ (Iím assuming that was the intention) comments all the way home. Iím so honoured you care enough to make sure I donít get harrassed by complete random yobs on my way home. How thoughtful. Thereís a special place reserved in my heart for you, and just as soon as you evolve for that extra million years you skipped out, you can claim it.

Love and hugs,
Mia xxx

Communicating with the best Canley can offer? 4/5


To tell or not to tell.
If it used to be important and maybe isn't anymore, should one let it lie?
Even if it might be important to others.
But maybe in a bad way.
Their ignorance may be bliss, and your knowledge indifference.
Are you bitter enough to start the ball rolling?
It might tear things apart.
But then they were torn ages ago.
Or were they?
Two people are responsible for a conversation.
So who can you blame a silence on?
How long do you leave the window of opportunity open?
Then again some knowledge does not change opinions but confirm them.
And a shared view is lighter on the individual shoulders.
Is it worth validating an established conflict late in the game?
The muddy waters are already so turbid.
Who are you really helping?
Is it even making you feel any better?
Happyness vs. reputation.
You and another.
Who pays the price?
Some things cannot be taken back.
Some things cannot lie hidden.
Careless words hurt feelings.
So does the careless truth; yet it also frees another.
Can you hurt and do right?
Do you care what people think?
More importantly who's opinion do you value and can you ignore the others?
Can you make the break, or was it already there?
Feel better.
Sometimes the emptiest shells of friendship weigh the heaviest.
Be brave.
Don't weigh yourself down, life is too short.
Don't hurt those you hold dear.
Free yourself from concern for those that hold you in little or no regard.
What do you care what they think?
All will out in the end.
Especially the truth.
Some things are too low to fall any further.
So are some people.
Don't let them drag you down.
Bubbles float, stones sink.
Call a stone a stone, that's what it is and it won't change.
Why should anyone be surprised?
Tell & break.
Let the stones sort themselves out.
Sometimes it's just impossible for people to see things the same way
Sometimes it should just be left at that.
Somehow I don't find myself any closer to an answer.

Please excuse the vague 1am logic. I only wish it went somewhere.


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