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OK I have no idea why anyone would want to contact me. Feel free to do so, but I can assure you I am strange and boring.

A careful approach is advised, preferrably with no sudden movements. Bites are generally quite rare but victims should seek medical help. A “Waaarrrgh! Whut?!” can be interpreted as “Oh hello there, delighted to make your acquaintance.”
Subject responds well to pirates and ninjas. For own safety keep well away from fire.

About me


Mia… now a Warwick graduate. But apart from occasionally blogging and musing whether to go to the WGA christmas party she doesn’t let it bother her that much. As an ex biochemistry student she is naturally looking into a career in fashion and dreams of opening a boutique as soon as she has the money to back it. To this purpose she keeps an eye out for handsome wealthy single men but has regrettably been unable to find any. When not sewing wonderful dresses she finds repose in plotting world domination and setting fire to things. Mia is distrustful of cats and scared of gloves. She wishes to own all of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books and hates using public transport for anything other than leisure.

She also…

  • Photoshop artwork
  • tea
  • all colours from turquoise through blue and purple to red
  • oh go on, a bit of pink too
  • Dying her hair in the above colours
  • baileys
  • finding a bargain mmmm primark
  • Hot water bottles although men, if available, can provide an acceptable alternative
  • Fashion
  • Matches, candles, incense, paper, large pots of match-heads and well, most flammable things really…
  • snow
  • “Txt-spk” gah…
  • seafood
  • smoking
  • Twats who spit in the street trying to look “well ‘ard”
  • ditto for littering
  • yellow
Apologises for liking:
  • E-comics (more of an addiction really)
  • Shoes, shoes, shoes, Lots of (a handicap infinitely more serious than most people recognise)
  • lists woo!
  • WarcraftIII OK, so I’m a g33k – but respect teh pwnnage…
Apologises for disliking:
  • butterflies
  • Michael Jackson music
  • the Marketplace during Top B
  • beer
  • champagne
Can’t help:
  • her really loud hiccoughs
  • Hoarding pretty little things like a derranged magpie-squirrel
  • her accute inability to produce the correct words at the appropriate moment (apparently a malfunction in “Broca’s area” of the brain, or more specifically “nominal aphasia”)
  • dancing while she does the washing up
  • singing along to a tune she knows
  • Taking hours to get ready to go out
  • speak Spanish and a bit of French
  • Pretend she’s good at latin
  • lie persuasively to save her life
  • tame her hair in the mornings

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