September 23, 2008

Rights of Women after Marriage in Islam

I just recently found about this fact and thought I'd share here:

A woman has the right to be maintained at the socio-economic status that she was accustomed to before she was married, unless she relenquishes that right herself. So if a woman is wealthy before and marries a wealthy man who can not maintain her at the status she was accustomed to before, she has the right on the grounds of shariah for divorce.

There is an understanding that women need help inside the house for domestic affairs, managing the children, etc. With regards to servicing the house, the scholars have said that she is not obliged to work within the house but is preferred if she is not working. In fact, it is not considered to be "disobedient" to be obliged to serve the guests of the man. These are the facts mentioned in the Shairiah in books of fiqh which were written centuries ago. Women get burnt out, tired and thus marriage gets deteriorated because of these things. But it works both ways, and the Prophet salalaualahywasalam warned us of the dangers of women as well refered to as Kufraan-al-Asheera that women can not appreciate what the man does. It works both ways, it is a two-way street, there is a type of women that you good to her all her life and then once you do something wrong, she will say "I never knew any good from you." In other words, that she forgets all what you have done your whole life. Thus caution must be from both sides of the relationship.

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  1. Sue

    In my experience women don’t get “burnt out” and I’ve never felt hard done by in my relationship probably because I can’t ever recall having to do anything I didn’t want to.

    While on the subject I’ve got another Email to share:-

    I’ll have to come back with it as I need to print it off first, if you know a better method of bringing things here perhaps you could let me in on it, I’d be very grateful.

    23 Sep 2008, 19:58

  2. @Sue – I completely understand where you’re coming from. I was referring to the social stigma attached in most Asian communities of Indian and Pakistani origin where such “burning out” phase occurs in most marriages resulting in divorces. You can post that email here and we can continue the dialogue here…

    24 Sep 2008, 10:11

  3. Munizae

    I agree with Muzammil. Coming from an asian community myself many women at large are not even aware about their rights forget exercising it.Recently the same issue about marriages & alliances b/w different socio-economic circles was highlighted. The lecturer mentioned it works best if both are from the same background , lifestyle else its the duty of the husband to maintain his wife’s status if she comes from a more affluent family.

    Lastly, Mashallah se Islam gives every woman the right to consent to marriage & she should use this right judiciously to avoid any problems later.If you’v noticed even during the nikah the woman is asked her consent first.

    24 Sep 2008, 17:14

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