May 03, 2006

The joy of junk ma!l

Just when life could not get any more surreal…...a weight loss plan made in heaven….time to raid pater's wine cellars and drink myself stick thin. Makes perfect sense after all how many fat alcoholics do you see?

Can you lose weight with Omega 3 and Red Wine?

A weight loss of 32 kg in just 4 months

A combination of Fish Oil and Red Wine is the latest trend in weight loss. The inventor of this hugely popular weight loss method is Dr. Yang Ming–Quan, a medical doctor who used the method to lose 32 kg in just 4 months! Best of all, he has been able to keep it off many years.

How Does it Work

How does this method create such a magnificent result? Dr. Yang explains the science behind the popular yet simple method for weight loss. According to Dr. Yang, fish oil from deepwater fish is a rich source of the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These fatty acids are essential to human body. Omega–3 fatty acids have a number of reported health benefits but specifically for weight loss they can inhibit the liver from producing excess fat, improve thyroid function, decrease insulin secretion, and improve cell membrane permeability. If your body is deficient in Omega–3 the amount of Omega–6 in cell membrane increases leading to factors that promote weight gain. There are secondary benefits from Omega–3 consumption that relate to weight loss. Because Omega–3's promote emotional wellbeing it may contribute to a healthier, more balanced diet. Omega–3 also benefit insomnia and constipation, two common symptoms of people suffering from obesity.

Why red wine?

Red wine is not only an alkaline beverage that can help adjust body pH, it's also rich in tyrosine, an amino acid that is important to overall metabolism. Red wine also contains beneficial antioxidants called flavonoids which are protective of the cardiovascular system.

How does red wine combine with fish oil to produce these markable weight loss results? Dr. Yang says that the alcohol and tyrosine in the red wine heat up the human body and speed up metabolism rate. Adding to that the Omega 3 fatty acids improve thyroid function, decrease insulin secretion, and boost metabolism. The resulting effect is an accelerated rate of the burning of fat stores.

What's the formula?

Because human metabolism is least active during sleep, drinking 100~200 ml of red wine along with 1 tsp (5ml) of NutraSea HP Pharmaceutical fish oil 30 minutes before going to bed can stimulate the body to burn fat while you sleep. According to Dr. Yang, in order to obtain maximum result, late night snack must be prohibited.

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  1. Miss Thought

    Actually I didn't consider your latest blog entry to be self indulgent – instead I think you were being brutally honest with yourself which is a sign of maturity. I've read all your entries in the space of a week (which demonstrates more how desperate I am to avoid revision rather than how gripping your life & thoughts are) and without sounding patronising I think you've grown up quite a bit. You've seen how tough it is in the real world and finally come out of the bubble.

    While you come across as confident which can often boarder on arrogance this is often a mechanism you use to hide your insecurities. But you're not the only one who has hang ups, judging from what's been said it sounded like you had quite a few decent friends (making you popular) and were quite the athlete (going the to the gym and running 5 miles twice a week). Your wit also displays that you can turn on the charm when you feel like it. As for looks, I couldn't possibly comment suffice to say it was you yourself that said confidence is how guys get stunning girls. As for the acne, Cameron Diaz suffers from it and still was named one of FHM's 100 sexiest women.

    All I'm saying is hang ups are relative. It seemed like you walked into getting a first, most people would kill to be in that position. Of course Cambrige is hard, it's one of the most prestigious unis in the world so it's ludicrious to consider yourself dumb in comparison to people there.

    As for jobs, competition is stiff and they want ppl who are enthusastic and actually want to be there, not those desperate to get a flat in Clapham. You don't even seem bothered about the job and I'm pretty sure employers can tell that. There's nothing wrong in not being sure what it is you want to do, I respect that more than an individual who is focused on going to investment banking for example (which is most of the economics students at warwick unfortunately).

    If this is the worst year you've had then I'd say your life was going pretty well.

    On a final note, did you really tell Kat Stark she would make a great first lady? I'd love to see the black eye you got after that!

    05 May 2006, 00:08

  2. Miss Take i think you are referring not to my biopic about the benefits of fish oil and claret but my "blog therapy" post. Have to say im am so flattered that my prolific output over the last year or two has been your distraction of choice from revision. You are also too damn insightful…the arrogance, flippancy and the feigned indifference is a result of studied practice and bad for my rep that you've blown the cover. And you are right with the jobs im pretty apathetic and have no sense of vocation. im one of Velben's Leisure Class..for me work is just an inconvenience that is necessary for me to maintain my extravagant lifestyle rather than a source of my personal identity like it is for most men (and increasingly women).

    Not only did i say Kat Stark would make a better first lady, i also got in huge trouble during the speeches. i had made a speech ending with vote matt the future is blonde. Amy then said to the students "im blonde too" and then i replied "ah but not a natural blonde".

    06 May 2006, 03:48

  3. Miss Treat

    I see nothing wrong in that comment, only 3% of blondes are natural so you were probably right!

    You have restricted access on certain blog entries (is that for fear of graduate recruiters getting an insight into your true personlity thus you wouldn't be so much selling your soul as giving it to them fo free?) so in order to retain a certain air of mystery I prefer my name not to be given.

    Blown your cover?! Student by day and MI5 agent by night?

    06 May 2006, 11:17

  4. M15 is for homosexuals and communists. Capitalists like me don't believe communism or fundamentalism is any sort of threat to the West: in the end greed is good and anything else is just talk. Speaking of which this dreadful communist at Cam is making me right this ghastly Marxist essay as punishment for saying Communism is just a cop out for those who were too lazy to work.

    indeed can't have furture employers knowing that i am anything other than an ass kissing conformist without a mind of my own.

    Due to your air of mystery i have been forced to make sweeping assumptions of everything down to your fragrance of choice based on the few comments you've made.

    06 May 2006, 12:21

  5. In the words of the great Marylin Monroe (who I share a b–day with) dare I say I wear chanel no. 5 and very little else?

    06 May 2006, 14:01

  6. Miss Tress

    I think Mr Rogers you have clearly identified the problem with making accquaintences in this way, I know little about you and you know even less about me. Your blog allows you to reveal about yourself what ever you choose to present to the world in a very controlled fashion, as you know nothing about me it gives you great scope to imagine it all. Even as the wonderful individual I am you would be very disappointed if you knew the real me simply because I could not live up to what your imagine me to be. Let me guess, in your mind I am a leggy blonde with nordic roots, a distant relation of Thatcher (who shares her political belifs), can cook a five course gourmet meal with the style of Nigella and can be proudly showed off to your former classmates with my womanly curves?

    I wouldn't mind looking at that essay. No blog entry on your thoughts of council election results – thought u would be basking in tory glory!

    06 May 2006, 14:30

  7. Easy, dear. Just engaging in innocent speculation. Only curious because most people who comment on my blog have blogs of their own.

    And hadn't placed you with any of those characteristics: your barbed comments about my political stance places you as a liberal, while you clearly stated your hair was brown. Besides have quite enough leggy blondes in my fantasies don't need to imagine any more.

    06 May 2006, 16:09

  8. Oh and Zahna, you rock!

    06 May 2006, 16:10

  9. The Annoying Brunette

    I didn't realise I had hijacked your blog, I know where I'm not wanted!

    And your problem seems to be that you go for fair haired girls when really you want someone like your mother who is clearly a brunette.


    07 May 2006, 00:10

  10. Only teasing. i like people commenting on my blog. And i have been known to go out with brunettes, just in general i prefer blondes, but there are always exceptions to the rule.

    07 May 2006, 01:21

  11. Miss Lead

    It's a good thing I'm not offering my services. Given the fact you're replying to my comments at this time I'm guessing no one has met your requirements and formed a queue.

    07 May 2006, 01:32

  12. plenty of applicants, but my secretary is on holiday so haven't been able to arrange any first round interviews. But please don't read too much into my replying to your comments. You're just a nice distraction from revision, and i like the fact you challenge everything i say and twist my words.

    07 May 2006, 14:42

  13. Miss Use

    Your extensive vocabulary fails you if the best word you can come up with is "nice" or perhaps it is the subject you are describing who only merits such banal adjectives.

    To consider that I am reading too much into a binary code's blog is to underestimate me Mr Rogers

    And if you're lacking a secretary I'm sure M will loan you Miss Moneypenny.

    07 May 2006, 16:32

  14. (Sigh)

    07 May 2006, 23:11

  15. OK hyperpolysyllabicsesquipedalianism may be a fault of mine but sometimes the simple words can express more, as niceness embodies a whole family of desirable connotations.i was complimenting you, take the compliment rather than overanalysing it and trying to suggest it was a veiled insult.

    i do not underestimate you im just frustrated by your tendency to try to see the worst in me. im not perfect but im not far off.

    08 May 2006, 00:47

  16. Miss Read


    08 May 2006, 08:41

  17. So when's your birthday?

    08 May 2006, 13:16

  18. 20th August on which date i reach the grand old age of 22.

    08 May 2006, 17:45

  19. Miss Spend

    A leo, that explains a lot!

    Out of interest whatever happened to Tommy?

    08 May 2006, 18:04

  20. Tommy sadly is now working for a blue movie company called Swinging Stars productions and works impossible hours. When not working he is usually with his girlfriend Jane. As such i do not see him as much as i would like but im hoping to see him in the next couple of weeks.

    08 May 2006, 21:34

  21. Miss Right

    I rolled on the floor laughing after seeing your latest blog entry! Admit it, I was soooooo right! I actually like leos, nothing wrong at all with wanting luxury. I find astrology just a bit of fun, great topic for small talk. I believe the bits I like and write off the rest as utter crap.

    As for Tommy, does he recruit any of the stars? Student debt is mounting up…

    08 May 2006, 22:53

  22. tommy only recruits porn stars

    08 May 2006, 23:35

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