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March 24, 2005

Revision tips for finals!

I am of only average intelligence but do exceedingly well at exams. As I know lots of people find exam time stressful and do not always do themselves justice on the day of are a few tips that have helped me over the years….


Start early and make a revision plan. Split each module into around 10–15 topics and cover one topic in each revision session.

Make brief summary notes then get a blank piece of paper and try and reproduce your notes from memory…repeat until 100% recall…then do the same exercise (reviewing) the day after, the week after, the month after and just before the exams…the review session should consist of speedily jotting down what you can remember of the topic and comparing with your original notes…filling in any gaps

Extra reading is overrated..provided you know and understand the lecture notes inside out you will do fine. If you are keen on getting a first just learn a few choice arguments or quotes from the literature…

Aim to finish revision 1 week before the exam giving plenty of time to practice past papers etc…..


Something that works for me is revising during the morning having got up early and taking the rest of the day off….
Take regular breaks from revision..every hour or so getting a bit of fresh air for 5 minutes or so..
Exercise lots…I find that a 5 mile jog a day keeps me relaxed and gets rid of all my nervous energy
Eat well….stay away from coffee and sugar and instead eat brain food such as pasta, bread, cereals, fish and nuts
Aim to leave 2–3 hours before bed to relax and wind down..


Read the question and answer the question….too many clever people instead just write all they know about the subject in a rambling answer.

Do the easy questions first as it boosts your confidence and eases your nerves helping you perform better on the hard questions

Allocate time to questions according to the number of marks

Expose of the international bridge scene…...

How many of my dear readers have heard of a card game called Bridge? For those who do, doesn't it evoke the image of thoroughly respectable middle class people sitting down and enjoying a civilised game of bridge following a dinner party meal? Doesn't it evoke the image of pensioners in a large hall playing duplicate? Doesn't it evoke the image of thoroughly decent public boy sorts playing bridge in their common room (how I wasted my entire final five years at school!)

Well this evening on the way to bed I bumped into my brother David and from his pained expression I realised he needed to get something off his chest….I was right "Forgive me Matthew for I have sinned" he said….now David is as innocent as they come so I was shocked at his sordid tale of debauchery…even more so when i discovered the source of this corruption…the youth international bridge scene (my brother is an England U20 international)

Once the final hand has been dealt (this is an expression as in duplicate hands are pre-dealt)....these respectable middle class students turn into Hooray Henries of the worst kind…here are some of the crimes and sins they commit when away from the green baize tables…

Drunken brawls with members of other teams…...apparentely the English team and the French team once had a fight that resulted in the hospitalisation of three people

Drug fuelled excesses…snorting coke regularly to get them through the intense 12 hour bridge marathons…smoking marijuana….performance enhancing drugs…..

Rampant seems a youth bridge player is synomonous with an alcoholic. Champagne breakfasts are followed by constant swigging of brandy from hip flasks…with wine flowing like water…..followed by heavy spirits in the evening…

High stakes gambling….regular games of high stakes rubber bridge and poker. Apparentely every member of the team has already had to sign away their soul to pay gambling debts.

Bribery and blackmail….my brother has made around £10000 in bribes and is engaged in an elaborate match-fixing racket…in addition the Swedish bridge team has been accused of using their good looks to distract, intimidate and seduce the opposition …......

I was saddened to hear this tale of moral depravity, debauchery, and sin. I urged David to quit bridge but he is addicted…
He did however urge me to send out a warning to everyone so they could avoid becoming entrapped in the vicious circle of drug and alcohol abuse, corruption and hooliganism which is part of the parcel of the international bridge scene…..

So heed his warning playing international bridge is akin to making a pact with the devil…..

DISCLAIMER: As always my entry has little basis in truth and is very much embellished for effect. Bridge players may enjoy their alcohol but otherwise are thoroughly nice people who abide by the laws and live a temperate and pure lifestyle…..

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