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April 13, 2006

Civilisation….totally addictive

Usually I have little patience for computer games, but Civilisation is an exception. Im hopelessly addicted to the game and it is an emotional rollercoaster as my blood lust is fuelled as I kill more and more units from other civilisations and sack their towns. My machiavellian side is sated as I play other civilisations off against each other and establish a series of satellite states dependent on me whom I use to wage my wars. I have a soft spot for the Aztecs….after all it is a travesty that a civilisation built on ritual sacrifice and fertility ceremonies was destroyed.
Also love being America and taking over the whole world a la Georgie Porgie.

Must go, every single nation has formed a military alliance against me and I must defend the empire

Near Death Experiences….

A respected medical journal (I forget which, Ill chase up the article and add a link when i can be bothered) recently acknowledged and documented the existence of near death experiences. As resuscitation techniques have improved these are much more frequent, especially during various operations and surgery. Basically people who have had them talk about things such as feeling as if they were travelling through a dark tunnel towards a bright light, seeing deceased relatives, feeling a calm sense of peace and other out of body experiences.

Is this proof there is life after death, or is it the result of biochemical changes people's brains experience as a result of damage as blood supply falters?

I know sweet FA about the brain or for that matter anything to do with how the body functions, but interesting to speculate.

Things 1 can't do without

1. Coffee, pastries and the Telegraph….the perfect start to a day. The former gives you a buzz and removes the last traces of morning grogginess. The second is loaded with fat and sugar giving you both fast release energy and a satiated feeling respectively. The third is an unbiased and authoritative view on the affairs of the week, combining insight and exquisite penmanship

2. Haircuts….there are few things I f!nd more sooth1ng than a ha1rcut. As the nubile assistants fuss over me, pour me copious cups of tea, I lie back and smile blissfully as the hairdresser massages my scalp as she washes my hair and rubs up against me as she cuts my golden tresses. The mirrors are without exception extremely flattering delicately lit to obscure the flaws in my complexion and add a radiant glow to my face. By the time it is over I am sophorific and hand over the extortionate fee without even a wince

3. MTV….completely addicted. Music to me is a drug, it has the power to change my moods: pick me up, make me mellow, soothe emotional turmoil and recreate beautiful memories. The vidoes both augment the emotional effects of the music (prime examples being the amazing Green Day video "When September Ends" which poignantly reminds me of the bliss of young love but the uneasy feeling that it will one day end), they also are full of eye candy both male and female. The prime examples being Madonna videos, Gwen Stefani and Girls Aloud…and for male Usher (love h1s body) and Ricky Martin. I mostly listen to MTV between sets in the gym and I remember when I first saw "Biology". My mouth dropped, my eyes went glassy and my knees went weak. When it ended the guy next to me on whom the video had the exact same effect whistled softly our eyes met and we instantly bonded. Now we are workout partners and are one day planning to go to a Girls Aloud concert

4. New clothes…I love the feeling of new clothes against my skin and the gorgeous feel of a cashmere jumper, a leather jacket or a well creased pair of jeans against my thighs.

5. Exercise….being highly strung and full of nervous energy I get extremely restless and jumpy without my exercise fix. Jogging is excellent for counteracting stress and associated tiredness and leaving me with a runner's high after. Weights are the best nervous tonic there is and excellent outlet for suppressed aggression

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