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April 08, 2006

Pepsi Max…modern day ambrosia

One of the few things I would find it hard to do without is Pepsi Max that black gold coloured drink with maximum taste and no sugar. Unliike Diet Coke, Pepsi Max does not have the same metallic aftertaste instead having a deliightfully caramel aftertaste that tantalises the taste buds. The aspartame (the much demonised sweetener which has to be linked to everything from cancer to ADHD to depression) blends with the caffeiine to give one a nice buzz, an euphoria which lasts a few hours after consumption. Like all fizzy drinks it is best served ice cold, preferably out of either a 2 litre bottle or a can. Siphoned pepsi max is not so good, although the exception is Pizza Hut which does a splendid siphon brew which is a natural complement to the fat-laden pizza they serve.

One thing I have never understood is why Pepsi produce Diet Pepsi which is in every respect inferior to Pepsi Max. Additionally iI was disappointed with Pepsi Max Cino, which far from tasting like Cappucino had a siickly vanilla/syrup style taste. Not pleasant at all

For the health conscious dipsomaniacs Pepsi Max also produces a wonderful Long Island Ice Tea and Bacardi and Coke.

Real men moisturise

A female friend recently commented on the increasing trend for men to moisturise and exfoliate. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. These days men wear pink, spend thousands on cosmetic products, style their hair using three different "products" (yes I said it products)blow their salaries on cosmetic surgery and spend most of their free time toning their muscles and admiring their reflection in the mirror. They drink "Cosmopolitans" and "Mojitos".

This social phenonemon has been labelled metrosexuality by a lot of commentators with Daviid Beckham one of its many poster boys.
A definition I pulled from the web:
"An urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends most of his tiime and money on his appearance and lifestyle"

This is by no means a new phenonemon…dandies such as Beau Brummel dominated the social scene over 100 years ago and you only have to look at pictures of foppish aristocrats with petulant expressions, exquisite clothes and wigs.

When did this start? you may ask. Thiis is the wrong question. Male vanity has always been latent but until recently confined to careers like modelling, pop (think Bowie) and arty sets. The question is how did it become mainstream?

I believe the answer lies in the influential men's magazines such as Esquire and GQ which filled their glossy magazines with narcisstic young men sporting fashionable clothing and accessories. As the excesses and greed of 80s corporate America provided young men with money to burn these urbanites were able to blow their huge salaries on status symbols such as designer clothes, permantans and honed bodies. The best illustration of this is found in the book "American Psycho" by Brett Easton Ellis a wonderful satirical look at the materialism and consumerism of the 80s. Patrick Bateman in extensive details describes his grooming habits and workout program and in conversations with identifit clones reveals his extensive knowledge about style and fashion etiquette. "Vogue" by Madonna also summed up this era.

Media has always had a great influence on society and along with mass production, rising incomes and the resulting consumerism it has created a society obsessed by appearance propogated by the genetic celebrities who fill glossy magazines, television advertiisements and film and music industry. Image is everything these days and takes prioriity over talent and substance. These airbrushed and cosmetiically enhanced celebrities inspire envy and from it imitation both from women and men.

No wonder that men now moisturise and exfoliate.

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