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June 08, 2006

Photo 28 – strawberries!

We went for a picnic in the park, and I took a picture of the strawberries! Not sure I got the focus completely right, but I think it came out well all the same! Oh how I love summer–time :)

April 30, 2006

Photo 27 – Auntie

This was taken last weekend at my cousin's wedding. It's a photo of my other cousin (the bride's sister) who was a bridesmaid talking to her Aunt who is admiring her flowers.

They didn't know I was taking the photo so it's a nice informal one. I like the light (it was a lovely sunny day) and also the look on my cousin's face.

April 24, 2006

Photo 26 – Spring

This was taken at Rutland Water near my new house on the Thursday before Easter. The sheep were incredibly tame and I managed to get close enough to take this cute picture without even using any zoom!

April 17, 2006

Photo 25 – Disco ball

This was taken in a club in Edinburgh when I went there on my cousin's Hen weekend over the holidays! Using the night mode on my camera.

Have lots of nice photos from over the holidays that I couldn't upload over dial-up internet so should be putting some more up soon!

March 20, 2006

Photo 24 – Aberystwyth beach

Taken yesterday afternoon on the beach in Aberystwyth! Cropped the top and bottom a little bit.

March 13, 2006

Photo 23 – flag

Taken in Turkey a couple of years ago in a huuuuge gorge. I was surprised that they'd gone to such lengths to get the flag hanging there and it looked great against the colour of the rocks and the sky!

March 03, 2006

Photo 22 – rays of sun

This was taken today on campus. I'd taken my camera in hoping to get some photos of the snow, but it had all melted, so I took a picture of the dramatic clouds instead!

March 01, 2006

Photo 21 – Frozen fountain

This was taken in Livigno, Italy (one of my favourite places in the world) of a frozen fountain and behind it some of the ice sculptures from their annual fesival. I like the colour of the sky behind as well as the blue of the valley and the light on the sculptures.

February 27, 2006

Photo 20 – shipwreck

This was taken from the paragliding, of the beach where we were landing on. The boats line up on the beach to take people on day trips around the coast, but there had been particularly strong waves the night before and the boat on the bottom left had been shipwrecked!

February 24, 2006

Photo 19 – paragliding 2

Well lots of people liked the other one of paragliding so thought I'd stick another one in!

If you look closesly you can see the huuuuge mountains in the background!

February 23, 2006

Photo 18 – paragliding

Took this whilst paragliding in Turkey. We landed on the beach just at the bottom of the photo. The photo is of my Mum!

February 22, 2006

Photo 17 – island

Took this photo when my mum and I went to Majorca to visit my grandparents. It just looks kind of ideallic.

February 21, 2006

Photo 16 – Turkish Sunset

Took this one on a beach in Turkey, amazing as the Paragliders were landing on the beach.

We actually did paragliding too, and I have some great pictures from that as well, so will put them up at some point.

February 19, 2006

Photo 15 – English seaside

A beach near the New Forest when I went camping there. I like the english-ness of it! And the pretty colours on the changing huts!

February 18, 2006

Photo 14 – Meta

Taken last night at Meta, using the "night landscape" setting on my camera. Was interesting photo-wise last night with all the different lights and lasers and effects going on, and of course the GLOW STICKS!!

Wasn't sure whether to crop some of the top of this photo off, so didn't.

February 16, 2006

Photo 13 – Brighton

Took this photo when my mum and I went on a girly weekend to Brighton (it's actually a really nice place and has lots of good shops, yay!).

Wasn't sure whether to crop some of the cloud off but it looks quite dramatic with it there I think! I like it because it's kind of a sunset but you can see the lights coming on on the pier too! :-)

Dissertational type problems! EEKkkkk!

Writing about web page http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/filmnetwork/A5925512

Doh! I'm well known for having a penchant for talking too much, but rarely am i able to write SO SO much!

Soon after devising a question 'Does the development of freestanding sculpture from the Archaic to the Hellenistic age reflect the social and political climate of the age?' It dawned on me that i'd have to ostracize the women from this essay (familiar story I know!) and concentrate only on the male figure. The worry that might limit me is now made obselete by the fact that I have managed to write 6,776 words on the Classical era alone, 11,459 in total so far with 103 footnotes among which I have not even added the ones for the figures 9over 50!)!!!!!!

Whats more i still have the largest chapter to write, the dreaded Hellenistic one, and also an intro and conclusion which will be at least 2,000 words!

Whichever way u add this up, whats blatantly obvious to me is that im gonna have to castrate and tear my baby limb from limb at some point – boohoooooooooo!

For now at least I have my beautiful boy as consolation to gaze at and seeing that the poor sod is already missing two arms and half a leg, hopefully I wont have to cut him down to size any more – no wonder he looks so glum!!!


I will determine to be inspired by the vid Eleanor pointed me to, where the guy squishes the 10 yr Odyssey in to 14.8 seconds! We live in hope!

February 15, 2006

Turkish stalker again….ahahahahahahaha!

God this is turning into a bit of a saga! Again, just when I thought all was clear on the stalker front, i get an e–valentines card!

val card

accompanies by the words: 'I will allways love you. Every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every munite, every seconds… '

Today i got not 1 but THREE emails from him; this very colourful and frightfully large rendering of my name spelled wrong:


Apparently a pic of him as a kid in a football team:


…AAAnd a rather incoherent message, although i get the jist!



Photo 12 – chair lift

Taken last year on a skiing holiday with my family. It had been snowing very slightly overnight and the trees were white!

February 14, 2006

Photo 11 – at the seaside

This photo was taken in France at the seaside in Normandy, near where my Grandparents have a house. This old French guy has set up his sweet stall by an old changing hut, and it looked quite quaint so I took a picture!

I had to crop it because my cousin is in the other half asking the guy a question – that's why he's pointing!

February 13, 2006

Eastenders makes me wanna vom at the minute!

Is it just me or does the thought of Pat Butcher in a skipmy lil 'SEX KITTEN' nightie put you off ur dinner?! Did me, they are just two things that dnt go together, nice twist of irony tho! Ha ha! Scenes of Fatty Patty and poor Patrick romping are just not good viewing and the disgust was just topped off last friday with Pat seductively revolving her fat arse round to face him (cowering in her bed), con fag and con scaaaary makeup, and growled 'alright tiger, ready for round two?!'! He should run for his bloody life! Actually have to mute the telly when such scenes are playing! SICKO'S!!!!!!!!

Your views are welcomed!

Photo 10 – fire

A photo of my chimenia (don't know how to spell it) at home.

February 12, 2006

Photo 9 – stormy sky

This photo was taken last year when I went to Snowdonia with the Hill and Mountain Walking Club. At some point on the way up to the top of Snowdon (I think).

I was having quite a stressful time at uni at the time (nothing ever changes…) and the chance to get away and see some stunning scenery was refreshing. I think this photo is quite dramatic. Maybe could do something with it with a better camera / motivation to play around in paintshop.

January 16, 2006

Turkish stalker thinks i'm a mermaid, how cute???!

I should have said it, really shouldn't have! Last night I mentioned to friends that I havent heard from the stalker for ages, weeks of blissful happiness without him! Then today i got these from him:

The accompanying email did not say much apart from 'THIS, ENVISAGE, OFFICIAL, YOU' and something that I interpreted to be along the lines of 'but i don't know what eye colour you have so I could not draw these'!

Well it's an imporvement on the self harming and quite sweet I guess, and a nice pic to boot, guess he's at least worked out that scaring me is not the way to win my heart! Bless!

January 10, 2006

And just to prove my point…I ATTRACT WIERDO'S!!

Arrrrr… i am a wierdo magnet and there's nowt I can do about it!! For years my mum has always moaned about attracting wierdo's, wierd ppl chat to her about wierd stuff in the pub, wierd ppl stop and yell at her in the street…I just put that down to the wierd pubs she choses to drink at, where the hottest thing to do is the salvation army crossword, and Gosport in general!!

BUT NO, it seems it's genetic, I attract them too… First of all was an old guy from China who asked me out for a dirnk when i was 17 and working in Boots at the weekend, thought I tackled this by saying "NO, for one thing I am not old enough to drink, and two, I have a boyfriend". however this didn't deter him, he came into my new work last year and asked me how univeristy was at Warwick, and was I loving ancient history!! Worrying– as I hadn't even formed these thoughts when I was 17, let alone tell him about them!! He came in every other day last summer which resorted in me adopting a 'run and take cover' policy, running into the warehouse each time he came in till he must have become satified that I no longer worked there any more – HA, fooled him!

Then there was Turkish stalker who you all know about (lets have no more of that) and more recently, not so wierd but equally disturbing text messages from a friend's boyfriend which had to be dealt with!

And then last night, this one turned up as if to prove my point, I shall briefly recount the story…Dancing away in the cooler last night and felt a sharp poke in the side. This guy asked me to take a picture of him, nothing especially wierd about that but then when I waited for him to produce a phone, camera and possibly a friend to be in the picture he came up with none – he wanted me to take one of him, on my camera. Hmmm, so I did, whilst looking around for Eleanor who was seemingly oblivious to this. Then he wanted a pic of me, which was when I grabbed El to accompany me, nice pic as it turned out! Then he wanted one of me and him! I RAN AWAY!! Does anyone know who this man is bacause I certainly don't, maybe he wants this pic of him for some purpose, how would I know!!

Doh, this has got me worried now, I keep thinking why don't I attract nice people, or at the very least, SANE people, and guys, do I look like a wierdo magnet?!! (don't answer that!) One thing's for sure, this being single malarky is sure gonna have a hell of a lot of laughs/cringes along the way!!!!

Anyone have any anti–wierdo/stalker tactics, or nasty repellent of some kind?!