September 25, 2007

Apple: a bit lame or very clever?

In an agonisingly predictable move the (Steve) Jobs-worths at Apple have decided that enough is enough and that someone really should put a stop to all this positvely rouge-ish hacking on their brand new iPhone. However Apple seem to be have been to the ‘idle threat’ school of discipline often populated by those parents that say “don’t make me count to three 1…2…..................3, right thats it, you’ve done it this time, i’ll deal with you later” since they’ve issued a warning that:

if you buy the iPhone and unlock it, you could preclude yourself from getting new features. Apple updates might not install properly and you could find that you own a £270 brick

Preclude? Really? Well gosh!

Of course speculation is rife that Apple have included in their updates anti-hacks (if you will) but with fingers behind backs Apple have promised that they are not

doing anything proactively to disable iPhones that have been hacked or unlocked

...yeah, my arse.

Having said that perhaps Apple don’t really care if someone unlocks the iPhone since they have infact bought an iPhone…

So, on second thoughts maybe Apple are telling the truth. I mean think about it: Apple have publicly condemned hacking and unlocking to keep O2 and AT&T happy but have stopped short of actively stopping the hackers. Which means people will continue to buy the iPhone regardless of their network provider knowing full well that some sportingly inept nerd has put up hacking programs online. The very fact that they haven’t tried to unhack iPhones in the updates suggests this since they are perfectly within the confines of the law to do so.

So there you have it – the most speculative and flawed inferences you’ll read all day!

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