January 19, 2011

SCT 5 – ICT resource

Completed resource and student worksheet. Part of an investigation into the nature of random numbers.

Download spreadsheet (or in MS Excel format:)
Download student worksheet

SCT 5ICT resource
Due: 18th January
You will need to design and create an interactive ICT resource which pupils can interact with as individuals or in small groups. It could be a dynamic geometry resource, an Autograph task, an interactive spreadsheet or an Inspire file; however it should not include Powerpoint or a whole class presentation. You will need to include any accompanying worksheets and teacher notes. You will need to upload the resource and the accompanying materials to your e-portfolio (SCT 6) and you will receive feedback on these from both your peers in a timetabled session on 20th January, and then subsequently from one of the subject tutors.

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  1. Mark
    This is a great idea. I like it. One problem you might have when using it in school is to ensure that the school machine has a version of software that will run this without messing it up. It’s worth checking carefully before you try to use it.
    But do try it with pupils.

    23 Jan 2011, 11:53

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