November 03, 2010

Mathematics topics (Phase 1)

Writing about web page

Contents page for the mathematics subject sessions from September to November 2010. Further details of each topic will appear beneath the headers.

Introducing and Teaching the National Curriculum

21st September
Considered the importance of Mathematics within the school curriculum.

Teaching Number

23rd September
Discussed topic plan for the teaching of positive and negative numbers; techniques suitable for the teaching of fractions; the use of Grid Algebra. Some useful ideas.

Teaching Algebra

24th September (1/2 clash with Physics)
Looked at differing conceptions children have of algebra (different levels of understanding).

Teaching Geometry

28th September
Began using Geogebra package; tried semi-regular tessalation activity.

Teaching Statistics

1st October
‘Misconceptions in probability’ presentation; data handling task, encouraged to give a point to statistics activities

Developing Pupils’ Use of Mathematics


Assessment for Learning in Mathematics

Managing the Mathematics Classroom

Primary/Secondary Transition

8th December / Hazel Howat
Useful presentation about differences between teaching in KS2 and 3, and strategies to help.

Introduction to Assessment

Differentiation in Mathematics part 1

ICT in Mathematics Teaching

Staging a good mathematics lesson

7th October / Nick McIvor
Very useful presentation; considering teacher positioning, lesson narrative.

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