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January 19, 2011

SCT 5 – ICT resource

Completed resource and student worksheet. Part of an investigation into the nature of random numbers.

Download spreadsheet (or in MS Excel format:)
Download student worksheet

SCT 5ICT resource
Due: 18th January
You will need to design and create an interactive ICT resource which pupils can interact with as individuals or in small groups. It could be a dynamic geometry resource, an Autograph task, an interactive spreadsheet or an Inspire file; however it should not include Powerpoint or a whole class presentation. You will need to include any accompanying worksheets and teacher notes. You will need to upload the resource and the accompanying materials to your e-portfolio (SCT 6) and you will receive feedback on these from both your peers in a timetabled session on 20th January, and then subsequently from one of the subject tutors.


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