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February 03, 2011

AP1 Reflections

There are 3 main areas of development for the start of PP2.

  1. Decide upon and implement clear routines for classroom management, which should improve both discipline and learning
  2. Take care when planning to set clear, thoughtful and challenging learning targets
  3. Incorporate greater use of ICT and more imaginative ways of learning

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Below I expand the standards that were not met and add my comment from the AP1 form

QTS standards that were not met

Q8 Have a creative and constructively critical approach towards innovation, being prepared to adapt their practice where benefits and improvements are identified.
Q10 Have a knowledge and understanding of a range of teaching, learning and behaviour management strategies and know how to use and adapt them, including how to personalise learning and provide opportunities for all learners to achieve their potential.
Q17 Know how to use skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT to support their teaching and wider professional activities.
Q23 Design opportunities for learners to develop their literacy numeracy and ICT skills.
Q25a Use a range of teaching strategies and resources, including e-learning, taking practical account of diversity and promoting equality and inclusion.
Q26b Assess the learning needs of those they teach in order to set challenging learning objectives
Q31 Establish a clear framework for classroom discipline to manage learners’ behaviour constructively and promote their self-control and independence.

Trainee Teacher Comment

My main achievement during the placement has been learning how to interact with a class of 26. At first, I was uncertain about the best way to teach, with knock-on effects on pace, leading to deteriorating behaviour and a vicious circle. I was surprised by the level of precision and clarity required in instructions (esp. related to presentation of work), and have tried to improve following feedback.

Planning is a clear area for development; both in terms of planning further in advance, and having a better idea of pupils’ likely reactions to various activities. Keeping better records of pupils’ assessments over time will also help with personalising learning


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