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April 28, 2007

Hello… My Name is Bjork

Bjork seems mental. But then i dont think i would come off much more sane if someone stuck a camera in my face and asked me to explain myself. In a language which is not my first. If i was in a multicolour feather duster suit. And wearing make up which made me look like the exorcist demon on acid.

April 13, 2007

Marching Bands

I like marching bands. There is a great bit Dave Chappelle’s Block party where the Marching Band plays Jesus Walks. This is better:

More Things I Like

This Song:

Is the new Bjork Track.
I also like this picture:
And These People’s clothes changing magic: (This clip is so awesome it gets over the major handicap of featuring pierce morgans’s (he doesn’t deserve his name spelled right) face.)

Also I like this website:
Is very helpful.

And Tony Jaa:

He is the business. This is the central set piece from The Warrior King. It is more nuts than Ong Bak. S’good. He kicks the light out of a street light. And fights an army of extreme sports people, and knees people through walls.

March 17, 2007

The Secret

They must be right. Is science innit. Dudes got some original insights. And awesome hair.

Apparently these two dudes are ‘Secret teachers’. They are revealing the secret knowledge known by successful people throughout history, but not by losers like you or me. This is true check it out:

That is the only reason Bach and Einstein were successful and i’m not. If i buy this dvd about psitive thinking i will be successful like them.

This is not some fringe internet bollocks. Apparently this is massive in America. Has been on Oprah and Ellen and all that. I suppose they’re not hurting anyone.

March 12, 2007

Homoerotica for Jesus

Godmen are a Christian group for real men who dont like the faggy normal Christianity. A report about them on the Today program woke me up this morning. one dude said he loved jesus, but he didnt want him as a lover, because he is another man.


Check out this badass video.

“The Number One issue which doesnt seem to be addressed in churches is how men connect to men”

Godmen – “where men can be fully men, raw, uninhibited, completely free to express themselves in the unique male way that only men understand.”

That sounds a bit gay to me, but you can tell they arent faggy at all because they have wailing guitars.

February 27, 2007

Things i like

This song (and performance)

This cat:

WD40. I think it is magic in a can.

February 24, 2007

geek graffiti

This is done by the Graffiti Research Lab

They do ‘geek graffiti’ using projectors and magnetic led banners and stuff. Is good and cool. There are lots of example on their website.

they seem to consider it a form of civil disobedience, protest and political resistance. I think it is a bit, but not really. I think they have had something to do with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force advertising thing in Boston, or at least influenced it.

it is interesting how easily civil disobedience is co-opted by advertising:

February 16, 2007

Crispin Glover

he’s either taking drugs or taking the piss

February 15, 2007

Current Youtube Favourites

I’m probably days behind everyone else with these:

Dance for me Japanese Men!

Dont pretend to be too grown up to find that brilliant

February 12, 2007


Right. I have been to Japan. I was there for like 2 and a half weeks. While I would not claim to be an expert, but the idea most people have of Japan is different from my own. People seem to think it is completely different, like halfway between that Takeshi’s Castle and Lost in Translation, and not unlike Bladerunner. However it wasn’t. What i normally say is it was about twice as different as America, so like as alien again as being in America feels. Nothing (or at least very little) in Japan felt truely bizarre or unfamiliar. Most of the time it just felt like a strange bit of a very cosmopolitan city. I say this, trying to defuse the idea that Japan is a crazy cartoon technological insane place. Then the Japanese make me look stupid by allowing the world to see things like this:

Having been to japan I am thinking this is either a national joke to mock Schwarzenegger and the other celebrities who go over there to make adverts, or like a tactic to boost tourism by seeming totally crazy.

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