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April 30, 2007

More (slightly less) topical bitting political satire

Continuing the theme of 80's action stars and international presidental lookalikes, it appears the president of Ecuador, who claims to called Rafael Correa, is actualy Jan Michael Vincent off of Air Wolf.

Jan Michael VincentPresident of Ecuador        

To be honest, they dont look that similar.

Rafael Correa does look exactly like Kyle Chandler off of Friday Night Lights:

Kyle Chandler

Check out Friday Night Lights. Its good. The President of Ecuador is particularly good as the coach. I am teh Funny. 

April 28, 2007

Hello… My Name is Bjork

Bjork seems mental. But then i dont think i would come off much more sane if someone stuck a camera in my face and asked me to explain myself. In a language which is not my first. If i was in a multicolour feather duster suit. And wearing make up which made me look like the exorcist demon on acid.

April 26, 2007

Kirsten Dunst

I used to like Kirsten Dunst.

Then she proved she was an idiot by going out with Johnny Borrell from Razorlight. Before she went out with Johnny Borrell I would probably have read this article and thought i quite like Kirsten Dunst, she seems normal and not an idiot. Now everything she says is undermined by the fact she is going out with Johnny Borrell. From Razorlight.


It's hard to grow up in this industry, and some people work out how to do it quicker than others. But yeah, it probably has made me a stronger person - I have a very good bullshitometer."

-  You're going out with Johnny Borrell from Razorlight.


Apparently at the Spiderman premiere she said this:

"We don't have a Bob Dylan, where are all the great writers? We don't have enough new great talent.

"I was brought up on Guns 'N Roses, the Les Miserables soundtrack and anything my mother listened to. But it's much harder to find great music these days."

I don't know how to describe the levels of irony involved in a person going out with Johnny Borrell from Razorlight, saying those those words, and then saying they have a good bullshitometer.

Dunst saying stuff has come from nowhere to challenge Ben Elton's Get a Grip in the unintentionally hilarious brilliance stakes.

April 19, 2007


- My Dog has no nose and no legs. So it is forced to lie in a pool of its own filth. Unable to crawl away all it can do is lie wimpering, with fur matted by its own dirt and the pus running from open sores.  

- How does its smell?

- Terrible. 

April 13, 2007

Marching Bands

I like marching bands. There is a great bit Dave Chappelle’s Block party where the Marching Band plays Jesus Walks. This is better:

Crocodiles 1 – Man 0(or 1?)

This is an awesome picture
and the story suggests crocodiles are FREAKING BULLETPROOF!!!. Can they get any more awesome?

It bit his arm off, so points to the crocodile, but then we reattached it, so which species wins? i suppose it is still in a zoo…

More Things I Like

This Song:

Is the new Bjork Track.
I also like this picture:
And These People’s clothes changing magic: (This clip is so awesome it gets over the major handicap of featuring pierce morgans’s (he doesn’t deserve his name spelled right) face.)

Also I like this website:
Is very helpful.

And Tony Jaa:

He is the business. This is the central set piece from The Warrior King. It is more nuts than Ong Bak. S’good. He kicks the light out of a street light. And fights an army of extreme sports people, and knees people through walls.

April 11, 2007

First Against the Wall

I quite like lists, because I am a nerdy middle class white male.

Here is the list of people I will always hate, regardless of what they may or may not do in the future. I was gonna say this was the list of the only people I will happily use a very rude word about, but that seemed childish. I wont explain each choice, the reasons should be fairly obvious, though I can give a justificatory diatribe on each of them if pressed (it wont take much pressing).

My List is (in alphabetical order):

Patrick Kielty

Oliver Letwin

Gillian McKeith

Pierce Morgan

Cristiano Ronaldo

               Anyone got a better list?

April 05, 2007


Chuck Norris


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad                          Chuck Norris

April 04, 2007

Topical Observational Comedy

Does anyone else think President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looks a bit like Chuck Norris?

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