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February 27, 2007

Star Trek casting

From the Imdb News page:

Cast Set for Next 'Star Trek' Movie?

On the heels of Paramount's confirmation that J.J. Abrams (Mission: Impossible III, Lost) had been selected to direct the next Star Trek feature, reports began circulating on several movie and sci-fi websites Monday that the studio was in talks with Matt Damon, Adrien Brody, and Gary Sinise to play the roles of Capt. Kirk, Dr. Spock and Dr. McCoy respectively. First reported by IGN Movies, a unit of Fox Interactive, and attributed to unnamed studio sources, the stories also indicated that James McAvoy, who costarred in The Last King of Scotland, was "in the mix" to play the role of Enterprise engineer Scotty.


there are two posibilities here. Both awesome. Firstly, and most likely, some idiot fanboy came up with a list of 4 actors (3 with roughly similar appearances to the original actors. and a scottish one) and someone thought it was a real story.

Or, and this is better, someone is actually considering a star trek film starring Matt Damon as Captain Kirk.  

Things i like

This song (and performance)

This cat:

WD40. I think it is magic in a can.

Things i like

This song:

This dude's eyes

February 24, 2007

geek graffiti

This is done by the Graffiti Research Lab

They do ‘geek graffiti’ using projectors and magnetic led banners and stuff. Is good and cool. There are lots of example on their website.

they seem to consider it a form of civil disobedience, protest and political resistance. I think it is a bit, but not really. I think they have had something to do with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force advertising thing in Boston, or at least influenced it.

it is interesting how easily civil disobedience is co-opted by advertising:

February 17, 2007

Film Pitches which wont get you fired

(- I was trying to think of a comically rubbish generic film project the producers of the shit Beatles film the trailer was advertising before it became a trailer for a exciting Julie Taymor Beatles film, but all the ideas I had were too carried away making up silly possible film pitchs.
These are what I came up with)

*A version of Point Break/ Fast and the Furious about a gang of extreme
criminals who have Ipods (because the kids like Ipods, lets get some Ipods into a film) and a rugged uncover cop (maybe the kid out of the OC?) who has to infiltrate the gang and win the respect of the gang’s the leader (possibly played by Billy Zane?) with his hardcore dare-devil mp3 collection. Then they have bum sex, but we don’t show that.

*A teen remake of La Dolce Vita. Starring Hayden Christensen in the Marcello Mastroianni part, Scarlett Johanssen in the Ekberg part ( Mischa Barton if Johanssen passes), Jessica Biel as Anouk Aimee. – will have to add sex scene though.

*A slasher film in which some things happen, ex-models get killed, girl who was on One Tree Hill survives.

*Top Gun on ice, about guys who race husky dog teams, and try to have bum sex with each other, but we don’t show that. Possibly a Jimmy Fallon vehicle.

*Live action version of Hair Bear Bunch, with CGI bears (possibly voiced by Rob Schneider, Steve Martin and Ashton Kutcher) with Eugene Levy as who ever it was they had hilarious high-jinx with.

*A remake of Zabriskie Point. Possibly Nick Cage as the guy, maybe one of the girls out of the OC as the girl. Directed by Mark Steven Johnson. Or Brett Ratner if Johnson passes.

I am going to take Hollywood by storm.

February 16, 2007

Adventures in advertising

These are two trailers i watched online today.

this is brilliant –

looks like an alright film, possibly even pretty good. Apted is a top quality director, it is about an interesting subject, seems to have a decent cast (I am becoming so gay for Ciaran Hinds). The couple of lines in the trailer suggest an ok script. looks like it has some money behind it.

Someone has decided it needs be marketed to senile and dribbling. the audience of Wild at Heart. (Not the Lynch film).

“Behind the song you love is a story you will never forget”
Yes. Because the thing i take from the life of William Wilberforce is not the abolition of slavery and ultimately the emancipation of an entire continent. Its a song which his friend wrote.

But i have heard of the song. So i will definitely go see that film.

This is odd one.
Again a trailer seemingly made by some kind of chimpanzee.
I hadn’t heard of this film. halfway through this i was ready to write an entry about how bollocks this film looks. How depressed and angry i was at having to waste eye cells on looking at that minute of pap.
Evidently someone had decided that a beatles film in which characters called Jude and Sadie do vaguely 60s stuff might be good enough to not get them fired. Enough of the audience of Wild at Heart (not the Lynch film) might turn up to keep a producer in cocaine and hookers until someone green lights that script about the life of Cat Stevens he has been developing with Ryan Reynolds (Cat Stevens sung songs, became a muslim, dealt with prejudice – Muslims are topical. prejudice and songs mean Oscars – if only fucking Cat Stevens had been a heroin addict it would be a sure thing).

Then Julie Taymor’s name appeared, I thought ‘ooo’ and ‘oh dear i thought more of her’.
Then trailer changed to one for a film i really want to see, with puppets and masks and makeup and Izzard, and dance routines and crazy lighting.

Crispin Glover

he’s either taking drugs or taking the piss

February 15, 2007

Current Youtube Favourites

I’m probably days behind everyone else with these:

Dance for me Japanese Men!

Dont pretend to be too grown up to find that brilliant

February 13, 2007

London Fashion Week in the Guardian

Writing about web page,,2008800,00.html

I am not that bothered by Fashion. I only watched this because of the snoods with horns byline. I might start a band called snoods with horns.

But this slideshow is gold. Because Hadley (Hadley???) Freeman – the Guardian’s deputy fashion editor – tries to be funny.
I like that she fails to see the irony of a fashion editor mocking the ridiculousness of fashion, and ends up buried in a quagmire of cynicism.

At one point she says What do i know? i’m only a fashion writer.

February 12, 2007

Fist of Fun

This is a clip from the lee and herring radio one show.

i like this. it is quite funny, and also extremely dated. I like how completely different it is from radio 1 now. I dont know if it is an improvement or not.
I don’t know if all those samples sound stupid because anyone can do them with something as simple as windows sounds editor, or because they are just stupid.
I think the ones who arent Lee, Herring or Peter “Matt really liked me until he found out I was responsible for the Borat film, but power to me” Bayhnam are possibly Ronni Ancona and John Thompson. Though could wrong about that.

ps I was right. They say their names at the end.

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