April 01, 2007

Elitist BBC

Writing about web page http://observer.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,,2047513,00.html

At first I assumed THIS was rather obviously a rubbish April Fools. Now I’m not sure. The dripping irony of the lead in is not backed up by the rest of the text. So maybe its not.

Maybe i just thought that because last night I watched, for various reasons, the Andrew Lloyd-Webber advert Who Wants to Be Joseph on Number 1 and then the 50 Most Annoying Songs on BBC3.

Annoying Songs was very strange. Firstly only Andrew Collins and the one out of Run DMC who isnt Reverend Run or Jam Master Jay was talking any sense and not just saying X is “just the most annoying song ever written”, “I bet even Y is sick of that song – and they wrote it!”, and “the army could use Z as a torture device in Guantanamo Bay, just playing it to the prisoners would make them talk” (Each of those was actually said about every ten minutes), even when the only thing wrong with the song was just that the singer was a bit of a nob, or the song has been very successful and overplayed. It was like the contributors knew what was said on this kind of rubbish talking heads chart rundown and were simply repeating it, often with no actual reference to the song in question, suggesting that they simply recited a list of generic comments which the producers then edited together.

I began watching this thing when channel hopping during a advert break in About Schmitt; I was gonna watch Memories of Murder on BBC4 but missed the start as i got sucked into this chart thing because it occured to me (specifically during the section on Alanis Morrisette – when some guy tried to define Irony and got it wrong) that perhaps 50 Most Annoying Songs was intended as an ironic statement on the formulaic talking heads chart rundown program. I am still not certain.
BBC3 is after all “aimed at a sophisticated twentysomething audience”.

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