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February 16, 2007

Adventures in advertising

These are two trailers i watched online today.

this is brilliant –

looks like an alright film, possibly even pretty good. Apted is a top quality director, it is about an interesting subject, seems to have a decent cast (I am becoming so gay for Ciaran Hinds). The couple of lines in the trailer suggest an ok script. looks like it has some money behind it.

Someone has decided it needs be marketed to senile and dribbling. the audience of Wild at Heart. (Not the Lynch film).

“Behind the song you love is a story you will never forget”
Yes. Because the thing i take from the life of William Wilberforce is not the abolition of slavery and ultimately the emancipation of an entire continent. Its a song which his friend wrote.

But i have heard of the song. So i will definitely go see that film.

This is odd one.
Again a trailer seemingly made by some kind of chimpanzee.
I hadn’t heard of this film. halfway through this i was ready to write an entry about how bollocks this film looks. How depressed and angry i was at having to waste eye cells on looking at that minute of pap.
Evidently someone had decided that a beatles film in which characters called Jude and Sadie do vaguely 60s stuff might be good enough to not get them fired. Enough of the audience of Wild at Heart (not the Lynch film) might turn up to keep a producer in cocaine and hookers until someone green lights that script about the life of Cat Stevens he has been developing with Ryan Reynolds (Cat Stevens sung songs, became a muslim, dealt with prejudice – Muslims are topical. prejudice and songs mean Oscars – if only fucking Cat Stevens had been a heroin addict it would be a sure thing).

Then Julie Taymor’s name appeared, I thought ‘ooo’ and ‘oh dear i thought more of her’.
Then trailer changed to one for a film i really want to see, with puppets and masks and makeup and Izzard, and dance routines and crazy lighting.

Crispin Glover

he’s either taking drugs or taking the piss

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