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February 12, 2007

Fist of Fun

This is a clip from the lee and herring radio one show.

i like this. it is quite funny, and also extremely dated. I like how completely different it is from radio 1 now. I dont know if it is an improvement or not.
I don’t know if all those samples sound stupid because anyone can do them with something as simple as windows sounds editor, or because they are just stupid.
I think the ones who arent Lee, Herring or Peter “Matt really liked me until he found out I was responsible for the Borat film, but power to me” Bayhnam are possibly Ronni Ancona and John Thompson. Though could wrong about that.

ps I was right. They say their names at the end.


Right. I have been to Japan. I was there for like 2 and a half weeks. While I would not claim to be an expert, but the idea most people have of Japan is different from my own. People seem to think it is completely different, like halfway between that Takeshi’s Castle and Lost in Translation, and not unlike Bladerunner. However it wasn’t. What i normally say is it was about twice as different as America, so like as alien again as being in America feels. Nothing (or at least very little) in Japan felt truely bizarre or unfamiliar. Most of the time it just felt like a strange bit of a very cosmopolitan city. I say this, trying to defuse the idea that Japan is a crazy cartoon technological insane place. Then the Japanese make me look stupid by allowing the world to see things like this:

Having been to japan I am thinking this is either a national joke to mock Schwarzenegger and the other celebrities who go over there to make adverts, or like a tactic to boost tourism by seeming totally crazy.

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